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3) PHILADELPHIA Medical Reporter Stephanie Stahl reports that one local woman is dealing with the frightening reality of Dana Reeve's death.

Heather Saler said that she and Dana Reeve had too much in common; they both are young, non-smokers with aggressive lung cancer and they both have young sons.

“You know, it's a little too close to home,” said Heather Saler.

Saler’s son is only nine-years-old.

“He says a lot, 'You know you're really lucky, do people die from lung cancer? You're lucky mom and I just say, Yes we are,'" she said.

Her luck has held out for three years, but the odds aren't good. 85-percent of lung cancer patients die and Dana Reeve’s death is a scary reminder.

“Kind of brings me back to reality because I've been feeling so good and all of the sudden it's like, it’s killing people every day,” Saler said.

She has already had surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. She said she is fine now, but it is a grueling waiting game.

“I think, ‘Am I one of the lucky ones or is time ticking,’ It’s a strange place to be,” Saler said.

But Saler's not just sitting around waiting, she's actively involved in fundraising efforts to find treatments for lung cancer and this year alone she organized a walk which raised $44-thousand.

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