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Iowa....Is That The Potato State??


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I can't believe that daughter of mine put my bald headed picture on site. Of course the one that shaved my head is sitting on my lap - my oldest (6) grandaughter Sabrina. I too, am available for anyone to call. If I can be of ANY HELP TO ANYONE please call me.


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there you are!!

Been hearing some very good things about you! Congrats!

And, yes... Missy is a very naughty girl and needs a spankin'.

You need to get her password and pay her back on her profile, Sue!

And then change your own password so that she can't do bad things to her momma anymore!

(by the way... you look better bald than I did!)

love and hugs to all of you girls.

Cindi o'h

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Thanks Cindy - I've thought about shaving it off again just because I can.. It really is comfortable.. I now understand men who keep their heads shaved . My husband just smiles and shakes his head !!

The other day Sabrina at 6 came home with her hair dyed red !!. I asked permission first - like that would do anything !!.. I think I have Missy's password and if I do watch out - the fun begins !!The picture of her on the diving board will make her turn inside out !!

What fun !

love ya guys


Anything can happen in our house ..

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