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One Lunger Question


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I developed a cough around the end of December first part of January that seemed to linger. I saw my surgeon 9 jan and he prescribed an antibiotic to clear it up because he heard some crackling in the lung. After completing the antibiotic the cough was still the same so I contacted my Chemo Onc and she along with the radiation Onc put me on steroids. They seemed to work but with the usual side effects. ( Read I become an A**, and get really angry fast). Now the ONC is reducing the amount of steroids I take weekly but the problem now becomes I seem to get a lot of SOB when I do things I was doing before the Steriods. I can't push the spirometer up to the levels I was before the cough and the steroids now. When I do exert myself I have to take 15 to 20 minutes to regain my breathing. I was just wondering if any of you other one lungers have had this problem. And if so what can I do to get my stamina back up?


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It sounds to me Ralph like your still on the mend from what ever it was you had!! However, did any of these doctor's do a CT scan on you to be sure of what they were hearing? Just wondering. When I have a cough, and mine seem to come and go for some odd reason, my PCP will always do a X-ray first, just to be on the safe side.

I have been a one lunger for over 10 years and my SOB has come and gone from WHO KNOWS WHAT?!?! :roll:

I had the crud this last November and was put on the all the same drugs you were, and I too had SOB, and in time it got better. HOWEVER, I had a heart problem going on at the same time. (not cancer related) But when I have the crud or a cold, I am always SOB and cough a lot! It can last for weeks on end for me!

I know what you mean about steroids :shock::x:roll::wink::?

Hope your feeling better real soon Ralph! Keep us posted please!

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Ralph,I have had those can't get rid of them coughs several times,and for sometimes a couple of months in length.They sometimes don't show up on scans.Sometimes they don't go away with antibiotic either.

I think Connoe is right tho,you should have x-rays or scans to make sure it is not Pnuemonia.The big P is something we one lungers have to be careful of.

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I also get the annoying coughs. I might mention that I also tend to get pneumonia easily. I am just now getting over a bout with it. I know how you tend to be on the careful side and want to stay ahead of the monster. We all do. I am always looking over my shoulder for it.

I am not saying to ignore the cough. I am simply saying to not worry about it until other symptoms develop such as fever, chills or phlem etc. Do mention it to your doctor tho and let him decide.

You have enough on your plate as it is so don't borrow trouble. :)

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