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CNNs tuesday night coverage


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Kudos to CNN I think for devoting four hours of programming to Lung Cancer. Paula anderson, Larry King and Heidi who filled in for Anderson Cooper did a wonderful job of explaining this disease to a lot of people. Spent half the night crying listening to and relating to a lot of things people said last night. They really did do an exceptional job of putting together a very informative 4 hours of programming on sshort notice but I was glad to see somebody give Dana more than just a 15 minute tribute. KUDOS AND THANK YOU TO CNN.

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Right now I am on CBS, The Early Show, and women with lung cancer who never smoked is the topic this morning also.

Dana you sure jumped in quickly from heaven !

The women is saying we must find ways to diagnose early and find a cure!

Donna G

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Thank you for posting this, Randy.

I stayed up for the whole thing. There were some very powerful and informative statements made.

I especially liked what Lance Armstrong had to say about Lung Cancer.

Dana Reeve is making a difference as an advocate for earlier detection, government funding, and raising awareness on many fronts.

Cindi o'h

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I heard several People including Lance taklk about the Funding Cuts that are headed to NCI for research made by congress last night. The President of the Lung Cancer Alliance talked about cuts a few times when she coulfd get it in during several interviews even this morning on the Big 3 Networks.

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I also watched the coverage on CNN as many of you have.

While discussions covered many facets of the disease that are too well known to us cancer survivors and the care-givers, the points that grabbed my attention were as follows:

- Lung Cancer gets the lowest research funding than

any other cancer but kills more people every year.

More die from lung cancer every year than died in


- Funding is lowest because there are so few survivors who are actively lobbying the powers in the Govt and the private sectors agressively.

- Several leading doctors on the programs stated that

we are very close to finding cure for lung cancer due

to human genome projects etc., but Congress has cut

funding for many research programs at this critical

point. The doctors making these point were heads of

Cleveland Clinic and Johns Hopkins Cancer Center

among others.

While I am saddened by Dana Reeve's death, we must

work together and collectively launch a massive

public awareness campaign to focus wider attention on

this disease at this time. Thousands of lung cancer

patients, survivors and caregivers come together

regularly on this list and on many others to discuss

pertinent subjects to survive.

I have the following suggestion in light of Dana

Reeve tragedy:

Let's join our voices and launch a national campaign

similar to the one launched by Bono to focus

attention on World poverty last year( www.one.org )

We have several excellent advocates out there in LCSC, lung cancer alliance, lung cancer online, lungevity foundation, joan's legacy etc, just to name a few. All are doing admirable work. We, however, still, lack the visibility and the scale to get broad national attention and the funding increasd. CNN has given us a headstart here, but we need to ride the momentum.

So, can we request all of these groups to come

together to launch a national campaign to deliver 1

million signatures to President Bush to provide

increased funding for lung cancer research as a start?

As a former CEO of technology businesses, I am

willing to commit my time and resources to support this cause. If you share my passion on this subject,

let's talk.

Prem Chawla

Diagnosed NSCLC May 2004

Lobectomy July 2004 ( stage 3A)

Mets to bone Sept 2004 ( stage 4 )

Chemo (one cycle ) not effective

Iressa/Zometa Oct-Dec'04 - effective - stable

Tarceva/Zometa Dec-current - more effective

currently NED and in good health

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What are your suggestions and where do we start. You be our lead person, please. I am sure we will have many followers, just lead the way...

Dx'd 3/2003 and have had two brain surgeries for mets. I am so jazzed to keep this fight going BIG time and WIN!!!! Shame Oprah, Letterman , Leno, Ellen, Marth and others are so blindsided and afraid to address this issue. Their ratings would go through the roof. People are curious, but it takes the BIG guys to expose the facts, NOT the NEWS MEDIA... :roll:


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