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Lung Cancer, quiet killer, re Dana and us!

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Lung Cancer the quiet Killer, re Dana and us!

http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/ ... cd.01.html

Got home from work las pm and turned to CNN and found Anderson Cooper 360 show and that was the topic. They had Lance Armstrong as a guest who said " Nobody deserves lung cancer".

Besides Dana they talked of Joans Legacy who was a news producer, 47yrs young and died of lung cancer. Her only symptom was a cough. She died 9 months after diagnosis. She had lost her mother to lung cancer when she was 52. Her Mom had died in 7 months , 20 years earlier. They mentioned they felt no progress had been made in the 20 years.

They said "People die, love does not"

Much more was said, it was on hour program.

Dana is working on her "next cause" from heaven.

Donna G

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When Peter Jennings died, every "talk" show had a segment about lung cancer --- for about a week!!! I think I see it coming again with Dana Reeves --- another week about lung cancer and then it's once again the "forgotten disease". So frustrating ---

gail p-m

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It is only forgotten until the next person passes away unless we do something about it. I will keep emailing people and starting a campaign for License plates like I posted about earlier. Worth a shot I think.

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