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Dana Reeves and USA today article mistakes


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Did anyone notice the mistake by the "Health Expert". Robert Bazell is a phi beta kappa from UNC but apparently lung cancer is not worth his time to do any research

I bet at least half the people on here could find the mistake in the following:

There’s the whole argument whether the fast CT scan should be given to people—especially if they’re at risk because they were smokers or maybe there is lung cancer in the family—and whether that’s going to save lives. There’s a huge study under way to determine that. [A CT scan, also called a spiral or helical CT scan, is a special X-ray that detects lung abnormalities and tumors at a very early stage. Some doctors argue that "false positives" from the test can lead to unnecessary biopsies and potentially risky surgeries.]

It's the argument you have with any cancer test — you find a lot of stuff and you cut it out, but does it really make any difference in the death rate?

The mistake is that he says a CT scan is a helical or spiral scan.

Actually they are different. A CT scan is what most people get. A helical or spiral scan is being tested for early detection.

A Helical or spiral CT scan can detect nodules MUCH smaller than a normal CT scan.

It is a little nit-picky, but a Science editor should be more accurate

Also did you notice how he mentioned non-smoking women and then immediately started taking about smoking? No mention of research being done on Estrogen and lung cancer.

It is nice to increase awareness but at least I would hope there would be 0 mistakes!

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