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cancer in the genes?


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Yesterday while watching some of the Dana Reeve coverage I saw a discussion about genes and lung cancer. Having lost most of my family to LC I decided to hop on the net and see what I'd find which brought me to this article about genes and lung cancer http://www.enquirer.com/editions/2004/0 ... 5main.html

There was a spot to the right that said families needed for gene study to help identify this gene. I clicked on it and got this site http://www.eh.uc.edu/gelcc/

where I could apply having lost multiple immediate family members all to LC. I sent them my info yesterday and got a reply today saying I will hopefully be able to do it. They are mailing me some questionnaires.

While I do believe smoking and other exposures cause cancer I also see SOO many people on here that have lost multiple family members to this dreaded disease which really makes me think it has to be about the genes. I would participate in a second if they will allow me. How do you others with multiple losses feel about this?

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That is an excellent study that started here at the University of Cincinnati just prior to Bill's diagnosis. Several of Bill's cousins are participating as he lost his father and 4 paternal uncles all to lung cancer and most of them prior to age 50. I really believe that some lung cancers are genetic.

Good luck in the study.

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I do believe that some families, through gene pool, are, as Katie put it, predisposed to cancer. It does not mean a particular person will get cancer, but if the gene is there, they are more susceptible to getting it, other factors also involved. It would be good to join such a study and help science move forward. Don

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I also believe cancer is genetic. Not just lung but "cancer" in general. We have a lot of cancer in our family, all different kinds. I think if even one person is diagnosed with any type of cancer in your family you should be more diligent about your health care. Just my opinion.

Zoey :roll:

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This is an excellent study, Nikkala. As you know, I have lost most of my Dad's side of the family to LC - primarily adeno/adeno with BAC features. I do believe there is a genetic factor which predisposes some to develop LC (as well as other cancers), and hopefully through registries such as these, they will establish the link, someday. I entered my Dad's family line through a similar registry, some time ago. I will check to see if it is the same one.

Hope all is well with you, Nik. Good work!! :wink:

Yours in HOPE!


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