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Boy - I don't know why I haven't found this site before. Here goes:

In November of 2001 started having left neck and jaw swelling. Doctors sent me to dentist after dentist's. Finally my D.O. decided it was something else and ordered a cat scan of my jaw. Arrived at a Ear Nose and Throat Doc. He said you don't need to be here you have lung cancer. But I hurt in the jaw. Found out later that sometime a tumor will present in this fashion . Next question is why don't people know about this sign?

They tried to do a needle biopsy but couldn't get to mass . Thank goodness. I still believe that the cancer would have spread if they did that. In my home town no one would do a PET Scan on me.. So ended up in St louis and got one. HOT .

Surgery in Jan. 2002 - Still no signs of problem with cancer. Have found lesions in the brain that they can't decide whether or not I have MS now. Funny thing was in docs office last month and three of the other lobectomies in the room were having same MS symtoms.

Found Adeno non small cell. stage 1a.

They say i'm at a good place. Does that mean i'm cured or is a time bomb waiting to go off again. I really have done well- but fatigue easily and ache on the right side.

My therapy has been to travel. Were not wealthy people but since this dx my husband have saved up for two big trips a year. Just got back from Costa Rica . Wonderful time.

Trying to live life to fullest . Funny how your priorities change.

Thanks for the forum . Sometimes it just nice to find a place to talk. Merrilee

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Welcome, Merrilee! Glad you found us. If you are Stage I, you have a great chance of being clear "forever", but in some cases, it does return. I would say your chances are very good.

Glad you and hubby are taking the trips you want. We have been to Costa Rica, and enjoyed it a lot. I still order coffee from there.

Best to you. Don

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Welcome! You are over 4 years survivor! Great news. Most people don't have any early symtoms of lung cancer so your jaw pain was a blessing. I had shoulder pain because the tumor was up in the apex under my collar bone. In that area nerves and blood vessels pass and also the pleura ( lining of the lung) is close. Was yours up in the apex? Just wondering if yours wasn't one of us who got the tumor close to those nerves. Tumors in that area are called Pancoast or Superior Sulicus tumors. Best wishes , glad you found us. Donna G

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Hi Merrilee,

big, warm welcome to you!

I have heard of neck and jaw swelling as an early sign, but you are the first I have "seen". Also under the eye was the other part of what I remember reading many years ago when my brother was going through l.c.

I would look for syndrome in myself and never saw it, so I thought I was clear of l.c. ha! I didn't know how uncommon it was.

Well, now I do.

I am so glad that you are on your way to more and more travels. I think your priorities are terrific. Can hardly wait to see where you will go next.

Cindi o'h

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