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breatheDEEP goes global - Roadtrip report #7


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The Skytrain and shopping at MBK

pictures at www.jaggedweb.com

The Skytrain is one of the coolest pieces of technology I have ever seen. It is every bit as efficient as the MTR in HK, if not quite so big. The skytrain runs on tracks elevated about 30 feet above the city. Fares are very cheap, and the skytrain covers a big chunk of the city. Because it is elevated, traffic is not a factor, which in Bangkok is very important.


I wanted to go shopping at a large shopping center named MBK, so Pan showed me how to use the Skytrain.

It is really easy, and the instructions on the ticket machine are in English as well as Thai. I love the way there are entrances every 10 ft or so. I makes loading very quick. They must wash the cars down every day because the trains are spotless inside and out.

I parted with a lot of cash at MBK buying gifts for friends. To see what MBK looks like, go to


I got some Thai Silk for a friend of mine, which was quite reasonably priced at 350bt($9.00) for four meters. Thai silk scarves for my girls cost $4.00.

One whole floor of the store is devoted to cell phones and small electronics. You can find just about any cell phone you want here.

We later went on the underground, and it is just as nice as the skytrain. Unfortunately, because of terrorist concerns I was not allowed to take pictures. I was not about to argue with the nice soldiers and their automatic weapons.

Regards from the Road,


pictures at www.jaggedweb.com

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