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VA License Plates For funds

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Local Man Shares His Battle With Lung Cancer

By Melissa Martin / WSLS NewsChannel 10

Mar 7, 2006


As Ray Robinson walks around his beautiful yard, shows off his roses, and his daughter's horses, you'd never know he's battling lung cancer.

Melissa: You've got good days and bad days, and today is not one of your best?

Ray: Most of the time I have good days. I found out I had cancer in late October and I've had chemotherapy and radiation since then, and I really haven't had any really harsh side affects until this last week.

Melissa: What went through your mind when you were diagnosed with lung cancer?

For info on new lung cancer treatments, visit Health Team 10

Ray: Pure abject fear. Just absolutely frightening fear. The first thing you think of when you think of cancer is death. No one wants to die just yet.

That may have been his initial thoughts, but that is hardly Ray's focus now.

Ray: The day I found out I had cancer though, I was better off than the day before because if I know I've got something I can do something about it.

As the former owner of the Salem Times-Register, Ray writes an occasional column about his fight with cancer to encourage others not to give up.

Ray: This is not a death sentence. Cancer is severe. It does kill a lot of people but everyone doesn't die from it. There is miracles that happen out there, and I think all of us have to believe that a miracle can happen and will happen.

Unlike Dana Reeve, Ray smoked for 42 of his 69 years. Something he now regrets. Ray quit smoking 13 years ago, one of the hardest things he's ever had to do, until now, battle a ruthless disease.

Melissa: Do you think you will beat it?

Ray: Absolutely, absolutely I think I'll beat it.

Ray's last checkup showed his tumor was shrinking, but if attitude can help beat cancer, Ray has already won.

Ray: I don't intend to go quietly.

Regardless of the type of cancer. It touches all of us. People in Virginia want to do something about it. There's now a new lung cancer research license plate. $15 of the $25 fee will go to the American Lung Association of Virginia for lung cancer research, awareness and prevention.

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I just Recieved the following Email From Rep Pricey Harrison Nort h Carolina Representative and I am FLOORED.

Thanks for your message. I am sorry for your loss. I lost my husband to lung cancer several years ago.

I am happy to do what I can to help in lung cancer research efforts. Are you in Greensboro, NC? Are you suggesting that NC also have a lung cancer plate? I think that is doable. There is a currently a breast cancer plate (and several hundred others).

Please let me know how you would like me to proceed.


Pricey Harrison

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Wow, what a neat idea. My husband just bought a plate for his truck "support our troops". They have lots of plates up here in Minnesota too. I definitely would put one on my car!

Donna G

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Yes, why couldn't it be one of the "many" plates Indiana has. How do you go about getting it done, who do you call? I just worry about the money going where it is supposed to go, as with most things like this????? Anybody have any suggestions? Patty

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Sent an email to my hubby at work and got this back.

why don't you forward all this to the Governor and/or Connie and/or the

BV mayor. Needs to be sponsored in the MN Senate which is now meeting.

Got a design?? Lots for you to do.

Any ideas for a design?

Donna G

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The way tostart this campaign is to contact your elected official on the state level. My Rep lost her husband a few years ago to LC and she is supporting this. She will take care of the Political paper work I am to get in Contact With American Lung Association On either the local or state Level. I will share this with you

I think the best place to start would be the NC chapter of the American Lung Association. To get a special license plate requires legislation, which I can sponsor, and I will check on the particulars about how to go about it. In the meantime, you might want to check with the ALA (office is in Raleigh, with active volunteers around the state), and see if they are interested. My recollection is that the proceeds from such a plate must go to a nonprofit.

Good luck.


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I also saw the American Lung Association of Virginia was the website. Maybe talk to your local American Lung Association.

When I talked to the Indiana one, they said they don't do as much for lung cancer as the American Cancer Society for awareness. It was odd, because it worked differently in Santa Rosa, where my parents live and Laurianne did so much to raise awareness.

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