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I need a plumber or this place is haunted


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It may be comical but not after three nights

without sleep.

I live in an apartment building six stories

80 apartments.

I live on the top floor.

For one day in December, January and February

when I opened the faucet in the bath the hot water

came out very dirty, I was the only one with the

problem, the manager more or less fixed the problem.

Start of March, the same thing again I raised HELL,

but this time other people had the same problem,

so all was done by experts to fix the problem.

Now I have a fog horn in my bathroom all night

long, only in my apartment, nowhere else in the


All I do is flush the toilet and the noise stops

right away. Don't forget I am deaf and the noise

wakes me, after impossible to sleep.

During the day no fog horn........only from

6.00pm till 6.00am is the fog horn going,

when the management is gone for the day....

Wonder if I have a ghost in my apartment or if Mike is playing tricks on me.

As I am the only one reporting the noise (after

the dirty water) I am getting special looks........

To be followed.......

Ann, may have a good idea about my problem.


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Don't know what to think.

Sounds like it is plumbing related though.

You might have to move into the Ritz for a few days compliments of your management while they straighten the problem for you.

No strange looks from me.

Mike wouldn't play the foghorn to keep you up. He would be playing soft music to help you sleep!

love, Cindi

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When I was growing up, we lived in a 40 year old house, and on occasion would get the fog horn sound. It was related to turning on a certain faucet only to a certan point - once past it, there would be no noise.

So I agree this is likely a plumbing issue. Or maybe Mike wants you to be a third-shift person and sleep suring the day!


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Tell Mike to stop putting Brian up to similar tricks.

I have a 'thumping' noise that is plumbing related that is in our home since Brian died.

It is a noise I have heard before~but only when the sprinking system was activated...................it is winter.....................the sprinkling system is shut down (and BTW I have NO idea how to de/winterize it and fire it back up and set the timers............and that is just the beginning of my spring type concerns). It is driving me nuts. It sounds just like the noise you hear when your pooch in under your bed and scratches behind his ears.......you know a rythmic thump thump thump in rapid succession.......................

Funny>? In a way, but it is driving me nuts.

Lots of love and

Bri, Mike. nuff's enuff!!



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Oh the woes of living in a manless house. I can't tell you the number of times I needed Earl for some stupid little thing, like winterizing the outside faucets. And, unfortunately, we learn how to do it ourselves or pay the big bucks to get it done.

Why are women often missing this handyman gene?

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It seems to happen randomly.

I think it is related to the water softener.

Trouble with that, too.

Before Brian died I was so worried he would get any bacteria I had a Reverse Osmosis system installed.

I wonder if this is all related..............

I just am not coping well.


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Read this it may help.


I am good at most things, but I live in an

apartment building and they forbid me the door

to the boiler room.

It was the pressure that was too low, took them

three days to correct it. I told them right

away what was wrong (happened before)but they

were afraid of putting the pressure too high.


Jackie (starved)

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