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Fighting this stigma....


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Sometimes it feels like we are fighting an invisible force- a barrier- a huge wall that we are trying to break down to be heard so that we can raise awareness- and to make a difference.


My mother's mother died from lung cancer and emphysema. My mother still smokes. My mother's friends, one by one, are dying from lung cancer. My mother still smokes. It's only a matter of time before my mother develops it and dies as well. Her refusal to give up smoking (or even to make a serious attempt) shows a complete disregard for those of us that love her, including her grandchildren.

Unlike most other types of cancer, lung cancer is almost always the result of personal choice and is thus almost always preventable. I fail to understand why we as a society should divert precious resources and medical research away from diseases that target truly innocent victims to help save or prolong the lives of people who disregard life by choosing to smoke.

Posted By Michael N, Redding, CA : 8:30 PM

http://www.cnn.com/CNN/Programs/anderso ... peful.html

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This is complete nonsense. It is his opinion, but it is uneducated and unfounded that society shouldn't "waste" precious resources for lung cancer patients....

His comment about other cancer patients are "innocent" as opposed to those with lung cancer is simply mean, narrow minded and ignorant. God forbid someone "innocent" in his family get lung cancer.

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When a stigma is strong and always used for

a sickness it is to cover a worst reason.

http://www.app.com/apps/pbcs.dll/articl ... 60387/1007

In many states schools are build on polluted land,

office buildinga and hospitals...........

To find the real reason for cancer they would have

to use the history of each lc patient and their

family, places where they lived, work they did,

and specially look at those old buildings, build

before the asbestos code was passed and used as

schools or work places.


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Does he drive a car? Does he eat processed food? Does he drink water? Does he use any form of transportation that involves gas? Does he clean his house? Does he live in a house, apartment or condo? Does he live on this earth? He is a total idiot!!!!

He is as much of the blame as anyone else!!!

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All I can say is I FEEL for his POOR MOTHER!!! How supportive is HE???

Does he drive a car? Does he eat processed food? Does he drink water? Does he use any form of transportation that involves gas? Does he clean his house? Does he live in a house, apartment or condo? Does he live on this earth? He is a total idiot!!!!

He is as much of the blame as anyone else!!!

And in answer to your question Jamie regarding the Idiot part. YES!! But these are the people we have to fight against and it's not easy doing that. It's DOABLE just not easy! Plus they have zeroed in on Smoking and Lung Cancer for YEARS, so we have our WORK CUT OUT FOR US!!! They did it with Aides we can do it with Lung Cancer.

Most of Society doesn't know that LUNG CANCER is the # 1 cancer killer or that people that NEVER smoked get lung cancer. It's an EYE OPENER! :shock:

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I'm sure Michael's post would make his Mother proud!! :evil: His words sicken me and yet sadden me at the same time knowing that his attitude is all to prevalent.

I read a statistic recently that I hadn't seen or ever been aware of before. I wish I had saved the info so that I could go back to it but I believe it was this: although 80% of lung cancer patients are smokers or former smokers just 15% of smokers get lung cancer. Has anyone else seen this data? If it is true, in addition to people who have never smoked getting the disease, neither do 85% of smokers/non smokers. That's a big WHY that goes ignored!!

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I am physically sick over this persons comments.

Yes my husband smoked, but does that mean he deserved lung cancer :evil::?::!:

Did Alan deserve to have his brain inflicted with this disease

Should Alan loose his battle with lung cancer, do his

children deserve to loose their farther? His Grandchildren their Grandfather?

Do I deserve to loose the love of my life?

We are all innocent in this disease. Everyone from

the patient to those of us who love them and care for

them to the end, no matter what that end may be.

God Bless you all, we have one heck of a fight on our


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Thank you Katie. So, I followed your link and spent a few minutes venting and berating Michael N. in Redding for being the idiot he is. Will it make it thru the CNN .,.,.,.,.,....Who knows. Do I feel better...Not really. This is so frustrating.

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I do hope that this person never contracts anything that could be viewed to be his fault.

I hope he's not overweight, a drinker or has any body issues that could be connected to a disease other than as an "innocent victim".

I'm sure that his mother is very proud of her sanctimonious, self righteous son and I'm also sure she'll be the first one there to look after him if becomes sick.

I thank God that he's not mine!!!


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I posted my opinion....SHEESH when will this attitude ever end?!?

As I've ranted in the past, is there any other disease in the world that has this sort of stigma attached?? I pray that one day it will be considered just as rude to ask a lung cancer patient if they ever smoked, as it is to ask a patient with AIDS if they ever engaged in "risky activity" before they were diagnosed. BOTH are equally reprehensible questions!!!

Thanks for bringing this post to our attention, Katie.


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This is one of the most outrageous things I have ever read. WHAT AN IDIOT!

I guess if he had his way. Doctors should ask patients- DO YOU SMOKE. Smoking contributes to pancreas, bladder, kidney, cervix, stomach cancer, some leukemias,heart disease,and strokes. I live in Marlboro counrty, Philip Morris USA, any my oncologist told me she treats far more breast cancer patients who smoke than do not. So by this person writings if a patient smokes, they would not deserve treatment.



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Wasn't sure where to post this.

I saw a couple of positive things on the news this week.

1. I saw on a news show that 85% of non smokers who get LC are women and how women need to be more aware

2. I saw a surgeon on the news today say how LC is on the rise, and not just in smokers, and there should be more awareness.

3. When asked if Dana Reeves could have been cured if diagnosed sooner, surgeon went on to say that it is medically reasonable to treat a bad cough as bronchitis for two weeks, but after that, do a chest xray to be sure.

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tatlyn's response twigged a memory of mine when it comes to statistics that may be relevent to general public opinion. Some years ago, I happened upon a late nite radio show called "Love Line", featuring someone called Adam and Dr. Drew Pinsky: I did listen for a bit out of boredom: it was aimed a folks younger than me, but was interesting to hear what problems the younger generation felt they had -- I have seen this "Dr. Drew" on TV since then as well. On more than one occasion, Dr. Drew referenced research out of CA (I believe) that showed that second hand smoke was not even a hazard to anyone as the public commonly believed.

I would really like to know what the facts really are, but I think that is up to each of us (or groups of us, such as here) to find out, unfortunately. I am highly suspicious of commonly-accepted public information without knowing who funded the research findings in the first place and just how the studies were conducted...lots of commonly accepted public beliefs are founded on just plain nonsense research, but accepted as fact!

All we end up with is a frustrated public and revolving scapegoats for public ridicule and lack of support (smoking used to be the in-thing that folks had to learn hard how to do...ok, it's out of favor now): look at the history of the diet industry -- anyone totally clear on what works there after all of these years? Low fat, no, low carbs, no, count calories, no,....wait....it's trans fats (that's it!)......by the way, "fat people" have been revered and respected in certain cultures and lived long and healthy lives with none of the diseases the public attributes to them these days -- just makes one wonder what's supposed to exactly matter about public opinion.

I happen to be trained in statistics and I've got to tell you that study design is crucial: it isn't hard to end up with "garbage in, garbage out" with poorly designed studies and an initial intent to prove a certain thing from the beginning (i.e. not have an unbiased view of what you want to research). You can basically make anything correlate with anything, depending on what kind of data you choose to include in your study, who you choose to study (i.e. how your sample data is collected must be unbiased), and what "level of confidence" you run your study on to find it's "stastical significance".

I just wish I had enough time to review all of them: I've seen enough to make me skeptical. It's sort of like trying to follow what your government and lawmakers are doing on your behalf: how many "beyond full-time jobs" are we all supposed to have here just to preserve something called dignity, respect, hope, and a quality of life that all deserve?

OK, I'll get off what I think has become my rambling soapbox now :oops: ; believe me, I could go on more, but I'll save it for some other time!

Love you guys!

Linda :roll:

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the CNN blog hasn't been updated to include comments that we here made since the ignorant one that was posted by Michael N of Redding, CA. I truly hope that it wasn't a deliberate decision on CNN's part to end on his comment, almost as though they endorsed it? I think I will send an email to them and ask that they update the blog. Anyone else?


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