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Both my regular doctor and Oncologist had expressed concerns when they found out I did not have a bone scan or brain MRI before surgery. They told me that was usually routine. :? I have no clue why I didn't have those tests but told my Onc to do it on up- I didnt want to wonder whether something was overlooked.

I have been holding my breath for 24 hours since I had a brain MRI and a bone scan yesterday :shock: . I just received the results not too long ago from the Oncologist's office and they said that all was normal!!! First time that I have really had to go through the "waiting for test results" syndrome AFTER surgery and thankfully won't have to again until November 17th when I have a chest xray and lab work.

On the home front, my son started pre-K on Wednesday :cry: and I started back to work Monday. Everyone at work is saying I look great .. its amazing what a little rest can do for you! I feel good and I think I'm finally ready to get on with my life.


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Yea Debi!!! So glad to hear your good news. They delayed my surgery to have all those scans - all negative - but I so wanted to get on with the surgery and get the tumor out. Just get on with things - preschool - that sure brings back memories - my son just turned 21. Just keep your positive attitude and be sure to take good care of yourself.

Hugs, Nancy

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I really am happy that you are getting your life back in order. YOu are such a great person and you and all on here deserve many more shots at a great life....

My husband had surgery before scans to brain and bone and when i asked the dr about this, his comment was, would it have made a difference. I guess he meant that surgery would of still been done and chemo and radiation would have been ordered so I guess it didn't. I think the drs are so busy that they really don't have the time to look at each case and act on each one as if it were their one and only. Sure wish they could because less mistakes would be made.

Take it easy going back to work for you will be very tired, but it will be a good tired because you have your life back....

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