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Getting to Know You - March 09


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I am reasonably organized. I really try to have a place for everything. I buy a lot of those bins, and drawer things, build shelves in closets, and do things like that.

But mostly I approach projects like a jigsaw puzzle, doing a little piece of it at a time. For example, I have a party every year on St. Patrick's day weekend for my Woman's Club and their spouses. This year it is 3/18. I have already put the leaves in the dr. and kitchen tables, changed the candles to green, put the tablecloth through the washer and dryer to get out the fold marks and put it on the table. The prizes for the stupid games are wrapped. Now this is an easy party because people bring a lot of the food. But this weekend I will set out the wine glasses, hang up my Shamrocks etc.

I do this approach to everything. I clean out my closet a little bit at a time. I do one shelf at a time in a kitchen cabinet.

Nothing seems like too big a project and the 'little' job I am doing gets done well because it is a 'little' job.

P.S. You may not look down the basement.

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Ginny...You are truly amazing!!!

I have to confess that I asked this question in hopes I could get some really good tips to help me become organized. Ginny...I have bought a ton of those bins and drawers and it seems the more places I have to "hide" things out of sight, the more unorganized I become. I am now in the process of labeling drawers and bins...lol!!!

If I had any good tips, I promise I would share!!!

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I am fairly organized.... lets say I KNOW where everything is.... My Husband has no clue!! My house is always picked up but.... my closets could use some major overhauling!!!

I laughed when I read Ginnys post about her party plans.... I do the same thing when I am entertaining... Everything gets put out and set up at least 2 days ahead of time... Makes the day of the event much less hectic...

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Let me answer this way ANN , i've been in Route Delivery for 40 year's so you have to be organized but you'd never know it by the mess around my Ham Radio Station and yet i really do know where every thing should be and know when it's missing....

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Thats one of my big problems with our marriage, Joel is very organized and me a completely the opposite. He has tried to get me to change, I do for a bit then the clutter starts again. Hard to break new habits.

But I am listening.... great for Ginny!!

Maryanne :oops:

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