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VA Pension/Disability and Lung Cancer?


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Hi everyone, I was just thinking about something and was wondering if anyone knew anything about it:

My FIL was in WWII, and I was just speaking about with a client whose father is receiving a pension from the VA, because he is disabled and in a care facility.

Does anyone know if having LC would make my FIL qualify for some sort of VA benefit?

If there is any indication that he might, I would like to pursue it. My in-laws don't have much money, and if he is entitled to some sort of benefit, I would like to check into it for them!

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Darci,there are many different ways a veteran can be eligible for benefits.

I have service connected disability and recieve compensation for it.There are soooo many things out there that we don't know about tho.I feel the best way to find out is to contact the Veterans Administration Rep who is charge of that.All they do is fill out the forms and submit them and fight for you to get compensation.

Just about every VA hospital has a rep on staff.If not they will be found probably in the Veterans Bldg.in your area or town.Also good is the DAV.(disabled american Veterans).

There are programs for medical care,prescription,and even income if your FIL qualifies.It is well worth the effort.

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Thanks everyone for your answers. I did put in a few phone calls - we have been advised to request that they review his case to see if his LC could possibly be service related - they said it is worth a shot.

If it is determined that it is not, then there is a disability pension, but you have to be below certain income levels - meds and other medical expenses are able to be deducted from your income. Your disability does NOT have to be service related for this one. So, I think that we will pursue further!!

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One of the great insults to veterans was when the General Counsel of the VA decided that people who picked up their addiction during their service (cigarettes were provided free in C-Rations and sold below mfg costs on base) they should be service connected if they developed LC. They announced this and immediately received over 8000 claims.

In doing a cost analysis the Congress decided that they could not cover the disability payments to Veterans with LC AND pay for the upcoming Transportation Bill of 1991.

In an attached rider to the Transportation Act of 91 the congress added that no cigarette related disabilities would be considered by the VA.

Many highways are paved with the lungs of Veterans.

Do check into the VA Pension for non-service connected disabilities. Also if he was ever exposed in the military to know carcinogens, nuclear tests etc. Exposure to Agent Orange is considered ipso facto reason to service connect LC. So are the human guinea pigs made to watch nuclear explosions.

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