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My mother has lymphedema in her right arm. She is a breast cancer survivor now for 5.5 yrs!!

She used to have to drive herself to the hospital to have her arm "pumped" but found that to be quite a pain in the butt. So she checked her medical benefits to see if they would perhaps cover her to rent a pump to do at home, but instead they outright paid for one!! The machine is over $5000cdn!!

Now she just sits on the couch and puts her arm in the sleeve, turns on the pump, and watches T.V. She also wears a stocking/sleeve daily to help keep it down.

Before my dad was diagnosed, my mom was a member of weight watchers and had lost over 20lbs. When she lost the weight it seemed her arm got quite a bit smaller, not just from the weight loss. Since my dads diagnosis she stopped going to WW and due to stress has put it all back and some more. As a result her arm is again quite large.

I see that John gave you an article to read, which I am sure is probably a whole lot more informative than my post...but this is my moms experience and if you have any questions that I may be able to help you with please feel free.


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