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Mom went yesterday to the dr

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SHe went yesterday to start a new round of Chemo. She will be scanned after this one to see if the radiation was effective in her femur and the new chemo is reducing her tumors. (the Taxol/ carbo sisnt work)She is taking Taxotere. He said no physical therapy to gain muscle because of the risk of bone breakage. He gave her an apetite stimulant so I hope that works, she eats basically nothing and has lost 15 pounds in a month. He also gave her 'time frame' which of course all of us know the 'odds'. 6 in 10 in year one die, and 75% by year 2. She was diagnosed last June so I am not sure form what point he is talking but basically he said less than a year.

Now I have heard this over and over. In what I read, what 'they' say and talk with family. But every time the doctor says it it knocks me down. I feel the hurt and depair that I felt when I got the call that my dad was killed.

I went over there get some things and she was so sad. She was just sitting on the couch with her hands folded in her lap crying. She seems so little and fragile and she still weights 138. I can only imagine what we have in store but I am trying so hard no to think aout it and just live for now. I wish I could go on a vacation.

Hugs and prayers for ya'all

Kim :cry:

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Oh Kim, I can hear the pain in your post and I wish I could just hug you. It's OK for you and Mom to be sad but try to not let it win. You and your Mom need to have good times together, do stuff you both have wanted too and talk about happy memories. Maybe go get a manicure together. See if your mom will drink the ensure, or my gram liked the carnation instant breakfasts with some ice cream. You have my prayers Kim. God can do what the Docs can't. Don't forget to take good care of yourself.

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Oh Kim,

My heart goes out to you and your mom. Losing your dad must have been devastating but your thoughts about your mom is unthinkable. I am sorry for the pain and uncertainty you are feeling right now.

Please, do not listen to those awful statistics as you know for reading peoples profiles on here, they were also told months to a year and 2, 3, 4, 5, years they are still here. So do not let that get to you.

I pray the taxetere works for her.

Also, if you are unhappy with what the doctor says you always have the option to go to another specialist. You may find a doctor who is more optimistic than her present oncologist.

A good idea to do things together with your mom. It would be good to get her away from her home enviroment if just for a little while. Keep a smiling face and optimistic additude around her. Make some wonderful memories with her to help you cope. It is in G-ds hands.

Keep us posted and try not to worry. Faith can move mountains and has moved many here.

Maryanne :wink:

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Kim, very simple [[ if your mom doesn't eat, she will not survive. It is paramount that she take in calories and liquids if she is going to fight lc. I believe that one reason my wife has lasted as long as she has is because I do not let her get by with not eating. It is very easy for the patient not to eat because they don't feel like it, they are tired, the food doesn't taste right because the chemo has altered the taate buds, etc. The patient is not the best person to decide about eating or not. Also, if the person does eat snacks through the day, the nausea should be less. We have found this to be true. I hope your mom will do what is needed to fight the disease and give herself as much time as she can. Blessings. Don

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