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30 Month Catscan


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Great news again. Still NO signs of reoccurrence. Going from 6 month checks to 1 year with a normal xray in 6 months. Thanks be to GOD. When I was diagnosed I put in a call to the Pastor of the church I was going to and he came over. We prayed and he told me a story of a friend of his who had had cancer and he went to see him and and he gave him a hug and took his hand and they prayed and in a few days or weeks his cancer was gone. On one of his visits to me he put his arm around me and prayed and then we all held hands and we prayed and I went on to have my chemo and surgery and 30 months later I have no cancer. Praise the LORD. I thank him as often as I can.

God Bless.

Thanks for all the help and support.

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