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Paying for being bad...cute kitty penitence


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I just opened an email from Haylee this morning with pics of Luna and it stopped downloading mid-way!

She said that very soon, the web page will be updated with new pics of Miss Luna now. She has grown into a Cat!

I get updates regularly on her personality and behaviors! She has a lot of personality and is a little dickens. She likes to play with Desi, the huge and beautiful St. Bernard. And she goes crazy on the computer chair and bats the head of anyone who is sitting on her favorite chair to go nutzie!

I love that little cyberkitty! She is cool.

love, Cindi

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Thanks for the update. I just love all animals and she just makes my day! Seeing her updates and sweet little face was so precious. Such unique markings, you picked the perfect name. Like children they grow up too fast and we seem to miss so much. They are such a comfort. It makes my heart sing with joy and love.

Please post any updates on Luna. How is Haylee doing? Haven't seen any posts from her lately. Glad you finally got your computer fixed...

Love Ya and hugs,


Eppie, Do you have just the one cutie petutie baby? Big blue eyes. Looks like a little Ragdoll kitty.

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oh that is funny, Eppie!

I always wanted to get a mouse for my cats but I would have felt too sorry for the mouse so I didn't.

My dad had a cat that would bring a mole home every night from the fields. He would take the mole and make a series of rubber bands and tie one end to the ceiling and the other end to the mole. The cat would grab ahold of that mole and stretch the rubber band until it snapped. Then it would go zing zing zing all over the room with the cat flying right behind it.. Poor dead thing. Lots of good creekside entertainment in that house. Dad was a dickens.

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That is a great story. My kitties like to play with these toys made from that same rubbery plastic that fishing lures are made of....they bit the legs off of the froggy one and the snakey one delighted them till it was nothing but a nub.

Lewis Black likes to walk around with one is his mouth. He is so proud of himself....like he's the big hunting man. LOL

He is getting that snip snip operation tomorrow.


I hope he stills likes to play pounce and kill the snakey.

Much love,


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So cute pics eppie! Wish I had thought of the mouse show-and-tell when my Cookie cat was little -- she doesn't know what to do with one even if it comes up and kisses her on the nose!

That's just so much help on the farm -- nothing like having to hire people to catch mice with 2 cats around :oops:


P.S. The avatar is not one of my cats: went searching like you said and found this one first (more will come along as I find them)-- thought it represented well what I feel like by the end of the day in the middle of all of this.

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Cute pics!

Some kitties hunt, some won't. I had one, Kelly-cat, who pulled open a gerbil cage and ate the occupant (we only found the hindquarters and tail in the cage :shock: ). He voraciously hunted mice in the house 'til the day he died of kidney failure :cry:. He also used to EAT them whole :shock: . Keep in mind I free-fed my cats, so he did it because he loved the taste of mouse. Eeww.

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Oops, just a quickie to say that myself and eppie aren't losing our minds about my cat avatar comments(well, we probably are losing our minds at times, but not on this particular occasion!) -- I changed it after that and I see that my current one is here now (not cat-like at all).

Noone probably really cares, but just thought I'd at least clear eppie's good name! :roll:


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