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Update on my mom

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Gosh, it seems as if I have been gone forever! To all of you that have lost someone you love, my prayers are with you and your families and to those who are keeping up the fight...continued success in overcoming this awful disease.

On Valentine's Day we rushed up to see my mom...my brother had called an ambulance because she was so very short of breath. Long story short...she was in the hospital for 10 days with a combo of radiation pneumonitis and bacterial pneumonia. (she was also in the hospital for two days with the same thing in January) She was discharged home on prednisone and an antibiotic and continued oxygen at home. Home health comes in two times a week to check her blood pressure, weight and O2 sats.

She had made plans for a trip to Hawaii this month with her girl friends but had to cancel and is so disappointed she cannot go. Hopefully, she will recover from this and get on with living! It's rough to see her so debilitated and weak as a kitten. I want my *mom* back.

I have been home for about a week and frankly am exhausted. I had to come back (once she was stable) for work and to finalize our house plans...so much going on.

My mom is in fairly good spirits, getting stronger each day and my brother is staying the nights with her until we can get her stronger.

Anyone know how long it will take for her to recover from the radiation pneumonitis???? Her Radiation Oncologist sees her this Monday and will start to taper her down from the prednisone...so far, her breathing does not seem to be improving. She is still on 2 liters of oxygen. She pretty much keeps it on 24-7 except when she forgets.

I missed everyone of you guys and all of your continue to be in my prayers.

Sorry this is so long.


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Good to see you back, Libby, and glad your mom is on the mend. Lucie had bilateral pneumonia, brought on by an allergic reaction to medication. She was in the hospital for two weeks and in a rehab hospital for another two weeks. Hope your mom doesn't have to be in that long. That was over two years ago. Best wishes. Don

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Hi Libby,

The same thing happened to my dad a year ago! He was in the hospital because of short of breath and was given 2 kinds of antibiotics. He had pneumonitis. He was released with oxygen. A CT scan revealed he had a collapsed lung so back in the hospital he went for 5 days with a chest tube inserted. He was and still is on oxygen only when he is at home. He still works full time. Over the past year his oxygen levels have increased. He was very weak at the beginning but he is doing okay except that he still has an occasional cough. I am sure others have experienced pneumonits differently. My dad was never given prednisone, only cortisone for the cough. So, it takes time. Radiation keeps working after treatments have stopped. When your mom starts feeling better, I think it is important that she tries walking slowly to help gain strength in her lungs. My prayers are with your mom.



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