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Update of GracieJules oncology appointment Friday

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Well, I had my big appointment Friday morning with the onclogist...no big suprises. Stage IV non-small cell adenecarcinoma with brain involvemeent. I started radiation therapy yesterday for that.

I guess from here on I'll post in the correct forum, but I wanted to update everone here since you've been so encourging. '

Wish me luck


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Hi Gracie,

Iam sorry about your diagnosis, but a least there is a plan. Just remember there are many people on here just like you who are stage IV and their treaments worked for them.

Hang in there, keep the faith and pray that your treatments will work. If not then they will have to fine one that will.

Prayers sent to you Gracie,


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Hi, Gracie.

I will be thinking of you, and I just wanted to let you know I'm a couple of hours away in Missouri. Where are you going for treatments? My husband and I spent a lot of time at St. Luke's. They are wonderful, as are many other institutions in the KC area.


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I just wanted to add my prayers and wish you best of luck with your treatment.

My husband and I have gone through the radiation for brain mets, and he is also stage IV, so if there is ever anything we can do to help you just let me know.

Hugs and love being sent to you over the net.


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Gracie -

Can't add much more to what everone else has said...we are all here for you. I doubt you will go through anything that one of us hasn't experienced. There are some very wise and brave people here ready to help you through this journey.

Praying for you,


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