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Brief Update.

cindi o'h

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Saw a different onc. in the same practice last Friday. I liked him. He was nervous at first with me. He agreed that a CT is in order to clarify the lymph node that lit up on the PET.

I have that on Tuesday.

He left a message on my recorder that he wants to discuss some findings from the blood that was drawn on Friday. That is a first in all the years since post-treatment.

Just taking it easy over here and not getting too shook up about anything.. so that is good.

Cindi o'h

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I wonder what you mean in saying the Onc was nervous about you? Just what about our sweet Cindy could make a guy nervous? Just kidding.

Anyway, I am hoping and praying for you, honey. I am glad you updated us. I've been wondering but positve if you had news you'd share it. That SOB is a witch. I know. I hope it's been better for ya.

Much love always,


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Hey Cindi,

Hoping all goes well with the blood tests. I'm sure that whatever it is will be fixable, maybe you are anemic? Glad you are getting the ct scan. It's important to get those updates.

I've missed you. I hope everything comes back well for you, your attitude is great, don't worry until there's something to worry about.

Your friend


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