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Many Prayers Needed


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Hi Guys:

I have been avoiding posting this as it seems to make it more real than I would like it to be.

My Mom's scan came back horrble. She has had progression to the brain and adrenal gland now. Her onc. only gave her a couple of months as she cannot have anymore brain rad.

Right now she is trying another round of chemo to see if it has any effect. She has finished her first 3 day cycle already as of Friday. She has to get tests this week coming to see if any response is noted at all. Her onc. has already told us that if we would like to head south, (as I am thinking of trying to get her into the Cloretazine trial), that he would support us 100% If it does have some response to what he is doing now, he will give her Temodal, (Temodar it is called down in the States), afterward.

I am in shock and hoping and praying for a response as it is in God's hands we all know.

Please keep her in your prayers?!

Love and prayers for all of you,


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I'm sorry the news is bad. Is gamma knife available near you? It can be used after WBR, so PCI should not rule it out.

Gamma knife is only a one-day procedure (albeit a very LONG day), so I'd strongly recommend looking into it. Since brain mets so clearly compromise quality of life, slowing them down is important.

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I'm so sorry to hear about the latest scans and I can imagine your fears. I hope her current chemo is able to hold this beast at bay until you can formulate a plan to get her back to NED.

If you do have to travel South, there are organizations that can help with your travel. You're a strong advocate for your Mom. I'll pray for her continued strength as well as your own.

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Need prayers? All ya gotta do is ask....

Please please help our friend. May the docs offer her the best treatment so the best decisions can be made to help this kind lady. Prayers to the family to ease the fear of not knowing and prayers to the hope that it will get better very soon.


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