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airways or lymph node?

Guest kjdenver

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Guest kjdenver

My father was just dx with nsclc. I don't have any details yet. In addition to cancer in the upper right lobe of the lung, his doctor said there is also an obstruction in his airways (bronchia)? The obstruction could not be removed at first. Waiting for the propsed treatment strategy.

I would like to know if this is a typical spreading pattern -- from the lungs to the airways. I don't know much about the location of the lymph nodes and am wondering if this is a sign that the cancer has spread that way.

Can't wait to get more information. I see from other posts that I'm not the only caregiver/family member who has to work to get info from the source, but I know I need to respect and not push just to satisfy my own need for more information.

My prayers this morning went to all of you.

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Hi Kevin,

In answer to your question "is this a typical spreading pattern". Cancer has no typical pattern.. It goes where it da////well pleases. It has no conscience.

It is so hard to live in one area of the country and your loved one living in another. there are many on here in the same boat. Hopefully they can give you some thoughts on how they are handling it...

God Bless

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Hello Kevin,

My best to you and your dad, sorry your dad is going through this. To your question, it is typical or not uncommon for tumors to block the bronchial airways of the lungs. You didn't specify the type but if its Squamous type NSCLC then it is rather common for this to happen. I was dx.ed with this type in April or 2001 the lower left lobe was blocked causing pneumonia to develope. As far as spreading, I agree with Norme, you just don't know. This is a very sneaky disease and requires many tests to determin that. Best bet is to urge him to get treatment at a cancer center by doctors who specialize in lung cancer and by all means seek second opinions.

And Yes, you do have quite a bit to learn, but were all here to help, check some of the links also. You'll need to learn about stages and treatments. Oh, and most important of all you will find many SURVIVORS here!!

God bless you and your dad

Bobmc- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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