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Hey all,

Here is a response I gotin regards to my e-mails and the response from the healing project.

1. Thank you for your comments on this story. We appreciate your thoughts...and agree this story could help get the word out. Thank you for watching...and for taking the time to write.

Tammy Phillips



We wanted to thank you again for the story you wrote to our site. I have worked in health care for a very long time and still was flooded with feelings from your sharing. I know the founder wrote you and her feelings were touched too. I am hoping our "Voices of lung cancer" book makes a profit so we can donate to research and helping survivors. I met with the CEO Susan Mantel of joan's Legacy and they are a great organization and their fundraising efforts are wonderful. It is late but I just had to write to you. i hope we will be able to help each other. I will read more about what things you are invovled in so we can help.

Thanks again for your heartfelt story, it means so much that people begin to understand.


Keeping on, keeping on!!!



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