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CT Sinus Scan


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I had blood in my nostrils (both of them). It was not a flowing but it was there. The first day I did not give much attention to it. The second day I was scared and went to the doctor full of fear and thinking that I had a brain tumor. My doctor scheduled me for a ct sinus scan, she was looking for polyps and not that concerned about cancer-of course I was. Long story short. Results came back fine and everything was normal. :)

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I am glad you scan came back negative. sinus stuff is so annoying. The headaches, bleeding and drainage is such a drag.

I just had an mri about the same thing (except of course I haven't had cancer) I have had 4 sinus infections this school year and a cough that is annoying. My allergies are in full force. A smart person here told me to use Ocean Mist SPray and I do relgiously. THose docs haven't called me in..so no news is good news.

I guess I will call about it this week. I would had the inconvienance of having a procedure of any kind at this time.

Much love,


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I have blood in my nose every morning now, have had since "the Big 'C'" came into my life. You COULD be dehydrated and the vessels in your nose are complaining first, the air in your house could be dry, you could have developed new allergies...

Change sucks, whether test results are "normal" or not, if it ain't normal for you, it ain't normal!

(But glad it ain't cooties or critters up there...)


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