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Hi, I just learned last week that my mother has small cell cancer in both lungs. The fear is that it has spread to the brain, bones and overies. My mother is only 52 and she was told to have a "gathering of the clan" and she was given 10-12 months left. My poor father is trying so hard but he isnt a well man, he is on the liver transplant list. I am very scared and used to feel alone. I am so glad I stumbled on to this site. I felt a sense of community when I was brosing. I am not sure of what to expect and I am scared.

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I am really sorry for the pain that you are going through with your mom. Just be there for her and keep a positive attitude. Faith can move mountains, and they have moved many on this site.

Now this is important...Do not I repeat DO NOT listen to stastices that the doctors give you. There are soooo many on here who were told the same and even an earlier stastic and they are doing great years later.

Let us know what her treatments are and how she is progressing.

Hang in there.


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Hi: I am sorry to hear about your mom. I know it must be a real shock to your whole family. Your mom should go to a major cancer center and get a treatment plan started. Once she gets into the routine of treatment things will seem better. No doctor really knows for sure how any one person will respond. The only thing they have to go on is statistical averages from thousands of patient historys that are at least 5 years out of date. Your mom may very well have years left.

Don m

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First thing to do is BREATHE, long deep breaths.

Second thing to do is get a another opinion.

Third is to ignore the statistics, they're out of date and frightening for everyone.

Please know that there are people on this board that have had a similar diagnosis to your Mom's and are still here years after they were supposed to die.

Take care of yourself as well as your parents.


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Welcome Chale, glad you found us, and as you can already see, there are a lot of caring and knowledgeable people here to support you through this. They've given you some very good advice already, so I won't repeat it. Keep in touch and take care. Lots of thoughts and prayers going your way for you and your family, Patty

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Do not be afraid. You found what I think is one of the best places to be. We are a wealth of info and will share as much with you as we can. do not be afraid !!! Think positive right now and always I say. Welcome to our family.

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Welcome , I am glad you found us. Has your Mom had any further testing , like a bone scan to see if she has it any where else? Please keep us posted. Donna G

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I'm all for gathering the clan, because I think being surrounded by loved ones helps alot in treatment - but ignore that prognosis!! many here have outlived theirs.

even my mom, was stage 2 at first dx in 2000, was given a 30% chance of survival. :roll: well, she's still here and kickin'. many more advanced stage LC patients have beaten their docs best guess, too.

you're doing great. I wish I could tell you that feeling of falling apart would go away, it may or it may not. just know that it's just a feeling - you're actually doing a GREAT job of showing up for your mom and your whole family.

keep us posted!



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First off, thank you, everyone! I am sure you all know how much it means to have someone know what you are going through and are supportive.

Mom got the brain scan, shoulder MRI and the PAP smear back and all were CLEAR! The doc was thrilled! There is a "spot" on her spine and they are going to a targeted MRI (?) on it just to make sure. All of the blood work came back normal.

Chemo started on Thursday and it went well, she slept through it. I guess we didnt realize it was an all day thing, she was there from 10:30-6:30. She will be getting chemo every 20 days, not 3 times a week like Dad said. I think my father heard the words but was a little overwhelmed.

Mom's youngest brother and his wife came down 2 days after hearing the news and that was nice. They just left yesterday and my little brother came in last night as well. I am SO glad he is home. He is the only one who can really handle my father.

Dad's pnenumonia has kicked his tail, he is now on a nebulizer and the doc wants to admit him. He is not a very good patient, he is very upset. He has gone past denial and is into anger. He is mad at the world right now. He has been good not upsetting Ma but the only other target right now is me. It isnt easy being nice to him right now because he is so mean but I know it will past.

Ma decided not to have the rest of her sibs come yet (she has 5 brothers and 2 sisters) and doesnt want my father's brother here. It would over-whelm her right now. I am just grateful Matt is home so I have someone to lean on. Poor kid, he seems so lost right now, he is so much a Momma's boy and he cant fix this.

Ma go a wig and feels pretty good about it. We were told to expect hair loss after the next treatment. I have very long hair and want to donate it to her but she doesnt want to take my hair, says that one bald woman in our clan is enough!

Yesterday Ma decided to go for a walk with my Aunt and got 4 blocks before she was winded and needed to go home. I have noticed she sleeps more, and tires easily but she is trooping along right now.

Thank you all so much for all of your support. When I read your notes it feels me with hope and I know I can make it through another day. Blessing to you all.

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You see it looks brighter now,

your Mom had good results on the rest of

the tests and is ready with her wig to face

the world, get her treatments and feel good

enough for a walk.

Visit from part of the family did both your mother

and father good, your brother will after a very

hard waking up be able to help you.

Your dad is feeling bad from his own sickness

and oneumonis but he will rally and get better

physically in his mood will improve with it.

Have a good week end.


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