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Husband- new concerns

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Hi all

I wrote awhile ago about the "nodules" that Dr's found on my husband. He has 1 in the upper Right lobe and 2 in the middle(micro nodules)

We had to go back to the Dr. earlier than our appointment cuz he came down with another respiratory illness(sinus) and the antibiotics were not working. Anyway, got new antibiotics and we really grilled him about the nodules. He basically said, as we knew, they watch it to see if they grow.

We are both really concered now because this week we got the news that his sister (42) has cervical cancer. So far, his family history is really scarry. His father died of prostate cancer (58), his mom also had cervical cancer(37)and his grandma had breast cancer. Ah, yea, that's about everyone in his nuclear family? Seems like he's the only one left.

I am really trying to think positivly but I feel like the odds are against us. I know that the nodules most times turn out to be nothing but we are still so worried.

Do you guys think that the fact that eveyone in his immediate family has been diagnosed with cancer at a young age increases his risk? Does the type of cancer in his family matter or just the fact that they have it at all. I read that cancer now is so common that it is possible to have more than one family member with the disease. I have to keep positive I know, we have just been through so much already and don't know if we can take anymore

Thanks for listening.

I cant get that smiley face off the page....maybe it's a sign

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Hi: I think that most familys these days have cancer in the family. My family has a history of cancer. But family history of cancer is just an indication of risk. The important thing now is that the nodules are teeny teeny tiny and the only thing you can do now is wait. I wish my nodule was small, but it is not and I ain't waitin. Mine is 2.2 cm...way too big. I know it is hard to wait, but really, many people have these little nodules and never know about them because they have never got a ct scan.

I agree with Donna G that they are probably from the pneumonia.

I chuckled at your comment about not beeing able to get rid of the smiley face. I think it is a sign too.

Don M

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Hi! I think anytime a family has a history of anything, the risk is higher. I have a family history of heart disease on both sides, and sure enough, I had a heart attack. But I survived (as many of my family did not) and am now an 8-year survivor of heart surgery. Hang in there. Don

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hi there. the family stuff is confusing - I think that families with a lot of cancer MUST share a risk factor, either genetic or environmental. on the other hand, cervical cancer (for example) probably has nothing to do with LC.

I had to stay away from that risk analysis stuff. what's it mean, anyway? you just keep showing up, following up those nodules.

let us know if you get any result.s



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