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Pet loss...

gerbil runner

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On Saturday I lost my dear sweet cat Oliver. He squeezed out of a partially open screen door, and my dog spotted him. He ran over to play (Ollie would usually run, but was cornered), and jumped on him. I think Ollie died instantly - there was no blood, no bite marks, nothing.

I'm devastated. Ollie was the best kitty - a total lap cat who loved everybody. His fur was so thick and soft. His favorite spot was riding on my shoulders :cry: .

Dillon had no clue what happened. He's still looking for Ollie.

I know some of you will worry Dillon will hurt a person, but it's totally not in his nature. We got him from a rescue who temperament-tests all their dogs. As an example, he has a phobia about getting his nails cut. It's so bad that he gets worried when we cut our own nails. I had the vet try to cut them with no luck. He never growled, never tried to bite, just thrashed like mad - and evacuated his anal glands :shock: . I didn't even know animals could do that. EEWWW!

I've managed to forgive Dillon, but it really hurts to know Ollie is gone. I miss him sleeping on my bed. My kids miss him hanging out in their rooms. I miss him riding on my shoulders when I make the bed.

Ollie died exactly 3 months after my mom :cry::cry::cry: .

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Jen -

I am so very sorry. I understand how you could love an animal so much and completely appreciate how devastating losing a friend like this is. I wish I could make it better....I am sorry that Ollie is gone. When the time is right, I have a feeling you will have another lovely feline friend on your bed.


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I'm so sorry about your cat. I lost my dog almost exactly a year to the day after Dad died, and I still can't think about her without crying. I read "Marley & Me" over the weekend, and when I got to the part where he puts Marley to sleep, I sobbed for 30 minutes. My husband just held me and patted my back.

I'm sorry you have to deal with this loss, too.


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My heart goes out to you. I lost my Ragdoll kitty to respiatory problems 2 years ago Feb (04.) He thought he was a dog, mannerism of a dog. Came home from church and was in distress, couldn't breath. Slept at foot of bed, ran to door when we came home. Sat on back of recliner close to computer chair, would lean on my shoulder and hit me in head w/paw if I didn't pay attn. to him. They are one of a kind. They are in kitty heaven waiting for us. I know how your heart hurts. I still miss my big kitty (18lbs)with the BIG blue eyes...

Sending prayers for comfort and peace,



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I know, I do. Leslie and I have always had several pets, cats and dogs. We would be devestated and cry with each other whenever we lost one of our friends. More times than not, they were run over on the road! That made us lock up our poor little freinds to protect them. But we always felt bad that they were trapped in the house. The past few years we have lived in a small community, very little traffic on dirt roads, so have let those that want to, go out.

Leslie only passed this past January. One of our dogs, Arrow, is about 13 yrs now. She isn't fairing real well, but still has that doggie smile, I'm sure you know the smile. I figure as long as she seems happy, I will be sure to continue to let her enjoy her time. But I know that sometime soon, I will have a tough decision to make. With the loss of Leslie, I am so scared of that day to come. I don't know how I'll handle having to take Arrow to the vet, for the last time. So, I just wanted to check in with you and let you know that I understand you greif. Life brings us some real difficult experiences. I keep reminding myself that there is a lot of good experience too. But my gosh, the loss of our companions and freinds just trips you up so badly, it sure is difficult to get back up running again.

Take care.


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Thanks so much. I'd dearly love to have another cat, but I'm afraid of a repeat accident. Dillon is over 50 lbs., and VERY athletic. He's gentle with my kids, but when he plays with other dogs he's very boisterous. His doggy pals are all bigger than he is, so it's not a problem. And he's actually submissive to other dogs.

Dillon is stil looking for Ollie, but we'll be ok. I just miss my big soft kitty.

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So sorry to hear about that. It is sad for the dog too, he just wanted to play.. :(

My Dad always says the thing about pets is that they always die, but I always have a dog, because long or short, the time we have with them is amazing, and even the sadness isn't as strong as the happiness they bring us.

HUGS to you and I am really sorry to hear that.

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