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Maybe I should clarify that I flew 2 1/2 weeks after I got out of the hospital. I spent a bit of time at "Club Med". It wasn't comfortable, but it was possible. I think you can fly sooner than you can drive - driving restrictions are based on the medications you are taking for pain.

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Did you have lung surgery or something for lung cancer?? I was reading your profile and you didn't indicate you had lung surgery. Or is it a family member you are talking about?

Everyone is different when it comes to surgery or after surgery for lung cancer. SO many things play into our recovery. Maybe you could give a little more back-ground info.

Best wishes,


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Guest akmaryann

When you are talking about flying how long a flight are you talking about? I am very concerned because everything I have read indicates that you need to let the airline know as they have to have oxygen ready for you. Also, depending on your circulation,too long a flight could put you at risk for a blood clot, and then last but not least are you leaving the United States? Medical insurance doesn't seem to be available for medi-vaccing you back to the US if you have a pre-existing condition. Let me know if you know otherwise because my husband is planning on flying out of the country regardless.

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