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Overdue Update On Frank L. (me)

Frank Lamb

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Hello to all of you (my good friends).I usually try not to post much on my condition.Several of you have asked me recently in PM's what my status is and how I am really doing.So here goes :roll: .

I've been getting ct scans every 3 months since Hector was a chicken.I'm pretty much on a watch and see observe program as they feel there is very little more they can do for me other than keep me up and going and comfortable.That said I actually have been up and going and fairly comfortable most of the time.

I was playing golf back in Sept.05 and it started to rain pretty hard.After an ugly swing I felt a pain in my upper right breast area.Couple days later it was hurting pretty good.Like all of us I figure oh oh it's baaackkk.Then I figure no,it's a sore muscle.Well as of Jan.06 it is still hurting and I have a pretty big lump there.My wife says it looks like I am growing a boob :oops: .

A CT scan end of Jan.showed nothing there as in cancer,but the docs were concerned enough about it to order me a PET scan.This had to be done at another Pgh.hospital since the VA Hosp.here is unable to do PET scans.My chemo onc from the VA called today with the results and said no cancer shows up in that area (my new boob :oops: )however it is showing increased activity in the center of my chest where I've already had laser surgery and other tumors.Mostly where my l.lung was removed and where the tumor blocking my airway was.The chemo onc,rad. onc and thoracic surgeon all feel there really isn't anything much more they can do.

They have ordered another ct for june and told me to be observant and if I get worse to where I'm not as active and comfortable as I am to call and they will do whatever needed to help.They feel by trying to treat me any more right now will only lessen my quality of life.

They are a wonderful team of doctors and have been since day one.Connie and I are very comfortable and happy with them.

As I mentioned earlier I am not in unbearable pain or discomfort.I am pretty active all things considered and am able to do pretty much.(just a little slower).No need to fret over me at this stage and time.

I really hope tho I don't end up having to wear a bra or falsies or something for my new boob.I also wonder if mabe I should give it a name.Any good ideas on a good name for a single boob on a guy will be accepted and appreciated. :? .

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How about Froob? You know Fr for Frank and oob for boob. Hey, at least it sounds kind of masculine. We could always write and ask how are Frank and Froob?

Frank, I hope you know by now from our PMs how much I admire you and your dedication to others. You are a good man and Connie is a lucky woman. You've always reminded me so much of Don - a never give up kind of guy, and he, too, enjoyed a good Bud Lite. However, he would save the chocolate donuts to have with coffee! :)

I hate hearing of this progression more than you know. But, on the up side, I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling well and getting out and about. That will, with your own personal determination, hopefully continue for a very long time.

Much love and thanks to you,


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Well, I am a little chubby but I ain't singing for you, Frank! I am singing for my supper! Somebody bring me a pork chop already!

We'll get through this too, Frank.

Cancer is such a fu**er.

I believe on Sienfeld they called it the "manzier" or the "Bro" take you pick.

Much love,


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Frank, I am guarding the east side of PA and will not, absolutely not, let the fat lady into the state.

Glad you updated us, wish the news were better. As others have said, Connie is a lucky lady.

P.S. if you need to wear a bra, you can use the second cup to store your bud lite and donuts.

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Frank, I always look for an update from you but never want to pry. I hate to hear of some progression, but your spirits are,as always, an inspiration to us.

as for the boob. becky stole my line, I though "thankfully, I no longer have to deal with single boobs..." I love ginny's suggestion - STORAGE!!

I just want to call you boobalicious. of you need a name, I recommend Beatrice.



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It's no wonder that you inspire us all, sorry to hear of the progression but it doesn't seem to be slowing you down too much.

Don't know what to call your new "friend" but I now name you FRANK THE ONE BOOB WONDER!

Tell me .......do you list to one side when you stand up? Never mind, we love you anyways!

By the way I think the fat lady lives near me so I'll make sure she doesn't leave town.

Stay strong


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Thank you for the update,

sorry about the progression,

but you are watching.

Now you are getting a do-nut on one

side, wonder about the name somebody

could come with.

Keep well and we are all watching

for the fat lady.



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I also have wondered how you are doing but didn't want to be nosey. I figured you'd tell us when you were ready and I keep guarding this Canadian border not to let the Fat Lady get near you. Glad you still seem to have a good quality of life and sorry to hear about the PET. Keep on enjoying and don't let that "boob" get in the way of your swing.

Thinking of you often.

gail p-m

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Thanks for the update Frank. I also thought of PM you but like Bunny, I did not want to pry. Bet you didn't know Bunny and I were alike did you? :lol:

I always look for updates on all of you and now you know why I don't come out and ask.

Keep the laughter coming Frank and I will help Ginny keep the "Fat Lady" from heading your way. :)

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I am praying for you. You have been an inspiration and will continue to be for a long time. What a great attitude and sense of humor you have! Keep enjoying and joking. Let me know if you need anything specific other than the beer, donuts, Connie, and golf clubs.

Forgot your dog!

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