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Black listed book

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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has heard of a book named "How to Fight Cancer and Win" by Dr. Johanna Budgwig. She is a European research scientist who wrote this book many years ago and the "powers that be" kept it from being published in the US.

Of course, the cost is $20 plus shipping and handling. The only thing in reference to the book was about the lack of certain nutrients in your diet.

I've heard that there is supposedly a "cure for cancer" only big business and big money has blocked this knowledge from the public. I'm just cynical enough to believe this is true.


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Dear Teet,

I guess in my opinion, IF there really was a CURE for cancers, I really think someone would have brought it to everyone's attention by now. Even Doctor's, Research People, Politician, etc... have SOMEONE in there families that have dealt with some kind of cancer, and I can't help to think they sure would want it brought to the attention of the world!!! And I also know that a LOT of those so called CURED Cancer books are a dime doz. It makes me sick to think that there are SICK people out there that PREY on cancer victums. But they do!!! I keep thinking of that lady (MOTHER) who told everyone her little daugther had cancer so she could collect money, when in all honesty her daughter never did have cancer. So, you do need to BE AWARE!!! You also need to keep in mind that what works for breast, colon, or other cancers may NOT work for lung cancer. That could be applies and oranges!!

God Bless,

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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