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Mom's bone scan results


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Well, I'm a bit confused....the good news is, she has very healthy bones and the scan looked good....however, there is a VERY small tumor, located on her back vertebrae, that the onc. thinks has been there, for quite awhile....but it is too small to biopsy, so they are going to use radiation....so I guess it is a mets, yet the rest of her bones are not affected....anyone decipher this? Mom feels great, though....chemo tomorrow....hugs to all and God Bless you all!

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Hi Jodi

My understanding is that would be mets, but at least they found it before it was way big. The radiatin should hopefully take care of it. Does your mom do chemo once a week or every three weeks? My mom chose once a week, because they thought it would be easier on her. She is also having Taxol/carbo cocktail. Good luck and you have my prayers.

Hugs & Prayers


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Hey Jodi -

Sounds like a bone met. They can be very, very small. Is she having pain? You may want to ask about Zometa. It is given with chemo to help slow bone met destruction...since she only has one spot, it may not be used -- yet, you may want to ask.

Glad to hear the results were so positive!


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Yep, Lucie has had many of those bone mets. They come and go at will it seems. She has been treated successfully with radiation many times. Radiation is normally used on a bone met when it is giving much pain and/or threatening the bone integrity. Good luck to your mom. Don

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My mom has a met to her femur, although it shows disease progression the raditaion so far seems ssuccessful and they say it is one of the easier 'mets' to treat. Mom ignored the pain for a good month before she made an issue of it at the dr's office so I am so glad your mom had her scan so quickly and is on top of things!

Continued prayers,


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