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Can it Be Cancer? HELP


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My First post but i am scared,

I have been smoking 8-10 cigarettes a day for the past 3 years and i am 21 yrs old...

I cough out blood streaked sputum once a day for the past 15 days... Its just a streak of blood that too not everyday...

i cant tell my parents and i cant afford a doctor myself...

Everything else is fine with me... and i dont smoke any more...

Is it possible to get lung cancer at my age with a smoking history of 3 yrs??

Plz help

I cant concentrate on anything

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You really should see a dr. The blood could just be from throat irritation, or it could be something else. Smoking is NOT the only cause of lung cancer! So even though your smoking history probably wouldn't cause cancer at this point, there are no guarantees.

Try not to panic, but see a dr. somehow. And congrats on quitting the smoking - best for your long-term health in any case.

Your parent have your best interests at heart and will survive your telling them.

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There are a few people your age that have gotten lung cancer who never smoked. Your decision to quit is a wise decision.

Most likely however it is an irritation, this is winter the time of coughs, colds and flu, dry air because the heat is on in our homes. Have you been sick? Don't panic , just check it out if it continues.

Donna G

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Thanks a lot for ur help :D

I have my exams next month and cant concentrate... I have got a chest X Ray done and the report says OK..a few last queries

1.Should i go for a CT Scan?

2.Or should i wait and see if the symptoms improve?

3.If its an internal wound then how much time does it take to heel?

Thanx in advance

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Hi Vickey: I am a little puzzled. If you had an xray, you must have seen a doctor, right? Did he address the blood in your sputum? If you are still coughing up blood after 2 weeks and have already seen the doctor, you should tell him that you are still coughing up blood. When did you see the doctor and get your xray?

Don M

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my thinking exactly, Don.

Coughing up blood is not normal. If you had a wound, it would have healed itself rather quickly. Started to "scab over" within three days. It takes 21 days for complete healing to take place in the epithelium.

Be persistant about investigating this bleeding. I never had any bleeding with coughing, ever. (until after lc treatment started)

You may want to ask your doc for a sputum culture.

Not saying you have lc, but something is awry. Get it figured out.

Cindi o'h

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Our warehouseman was coughing up blood. Ran to ER immideately and boom! He had TB, Tubercolis.

He was glad! it wasn't Cancer.. Imagine that.

Boy, i never thought someone would be glad to get TB.

PS: Every single one in the building had to be tested for TB and everyone is A O.K.

God Bless.


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Thanx ev1 for replying,

I stay in New Delhi, India. It is not humid in March.

I went to a subsidised government Hospital for xray and Check up.

The Docs there have many patients to take care of(India's huge population), so he checked me up quickly in about 2 min, then saw my Xray and said that nothing is wrong.

Gave a few Anti allergic medicines and told me to go home. I told him that i smoked ocassionally(8 cigs a day...sorry couldnt tell the truth).

I think i will wait for another 2-3 days.

I coughed out a bloody sputum today too :(

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Hi, Vicky - I know Delhi pretty well and think you should DEFINITELY let your parents know AND get to a doctor who will give you a thorough examination. Delhi weather can exacerbate any lung condition, and as you know, there's lots of tb around so that should definitely be investigated -- a quick look at the xray by that doctor doesn't sound too wonderful to me. And now that the real warm/dry weather is coming, if it's irritation that's causing it, it's likely to get worse, not better.

You'll do so much better on your exams if you can go in to them with a clear head and relieved state of mind. So listen to all the mother hens on this board and get it checked out!


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Tell your parents and get to a dr.Isnt it better than not knowing and being scared to death?As a parent I would rather you tell me than find out later you let it go and got sicker because you were afraid to tell me.Your parents love you,Talk to them honey.


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