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Another newcomer

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Greetings everyone!

I've been lurking for a couple of weeks and have finally decided to post. What a supportive and courageous group of people! Although I am not thrilled to be here (major understatement), I am very glad to find a community of wise folks with whom to share my journey.

I was diagnosed with Stage IV NSLC on December 9, 2005. I have had 4 Carbo/Taxol treatments and my CT scan after treatment #3 shows about 30% shrinkage of the tumors in my lung and mediastinum and stability of the mass in my adrenal glands. YEAH!!!

I've had minimal side effects from the treatment so far - fatigue and muscle/joint pain. I've gained about 12 lbs and feel good most days.

I am a single mother of a wonderful 27 year old daughter (married and living in Baltimore) and a great 10 year son (I adopted when his parents were unable to care for him). We live in FL and I am blessed with a large support network of family and friends.

I stopped in the chat room last week and look forward to participating in the group.

Thanks so much for being here!


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Welcome Pam,

Glad you decided to post. You will find A LOT of encouragement here. You are not alone. We are all here for you.

Congratulations on the 30% shrinkage!!! When you are done all your treatments, may there be 100%!!! Praying for the best for you and your children.



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Welcome Pam! SHRINK , yes another word that is music to the ears around here. I am offering prayers that you continue to share great news with us. How is your son handling this?

Donna G

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Hi Pam and welcome. Sorry that you have to be here, but you have come to a wonderful, safe and very supportive place. All these good people were here when I needed them and now I want to join them in being there for anyone who comes here.


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Hi Pam,

Welcome! I'm happy to hear, that you are staying positive and proactive! Stage IV NSLC does not have to be terrible....my mom is living her life, as usual, and is surrounded by her loving family....and we tell her we love her, everyday! It sounds like you have a great family and a lot to live for. Never give up or in! I'll be praying, for your continued success!



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