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L'hermitte's sign or syndrome


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I was just curious if any of you have had experience with L'hermitte's sign or syndrome. It just started with me a couple of weeks ago. When I bend my head down towards my chest I get a tingling sensation in both my legs. I saw my oncologist today and he said it is probably a side effect of the radiation exposure to my spine. I see my radiation oncologist in a couple of weeks and hope to get some more information from her. My primary care doc ordered an MRI of the spine to be careful. My oncologist did not seem to think it was necessary, but thought it wouldn't hurt. What the heck, I've got nothing better to do on Saturday but spend a half an hour in a tube listening to load pinging and banging!

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My friend suffers from it,

from a disc compression,

the sensation is not always in the

legs it change place but always

below the neck.

She gets a very short and fast sensation.

She is getting treated for it and they expect

good results.


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I also experienced tingling in my legs when I put my head down. I was sure that the cancer had spread to my spine. My onc was not concerned and the sensation went away in about three weeks. I figured it must be another side effect from the chemo because it has since disappeared and there was no sign of anything on my spine with the latest PET scan.


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Hi Kevin,

I have had it off and on since a spinal cord injury from 4 years ago. Also, I had a terrible bout with streroid psychosis at the time, which affected my poor coconut. (brain)

Occasionally, I still get the symptoms, but do not know what triggers it.

Hope this is just in passing..

Everything else okay, Kevin? Good to see you!


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