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just had appt with a Medium. WOW!


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I am still shaking typing this so there will probably be typo's :o

I had a reading with a medium this morning. I am trying to remember everything that was said but I am so freaked so bear with me.

I went there to ask about my sister but my parents would not Shut up! :lol:

mom is safely on the other side and get this...you can smoke all you want over there and it does NOTHING to you. :shock:

the medium told me Mom has been waiting for me to try to connect with her and that she loves my garden. :P I only planted my first garden ever last year. Also the medium said mom was very very sick but fought until she just did not want to anymore and then the medium said did mom and dad pass from Lung Cancer because I feel like I can't breathe. I was like Oh MY GOD YESSSS.

she said my mom was very happy that my sister and I were sticking together and dad was proud of all we did when they were sick for them.

then she asked if there was a grand daughter and I said yes one. she said grandma wants her to get a huge hug for all the letters. (My niece leaves notes, holiday cards, birthday cards, valentines all year long on the headstone.) :shock:

I told the medium I live in mom and dads house and that either I am crazy or sometimes I hear them. The medium told me well you are a little crazy like you mom who by the way is just as loud and outgoing over there as she was here, but that my mom definitely tries to get my attention when I am home sometimes. :D

I know there is more, but i am so jacked up right now I can;t remember it.

I want so much to know or believe that after this life there is another and its better and you can do whatever, whenever and its not harmful to you at all.

wow I miss them.

OH i forgot the medium kept hearing the birthday song in her head and she said your mom is making me hear this why. I said her birthday is Monday and my dads is Tomorrow.

freaky huh.

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You have had such a rough, rough time these past few years. I hope that what the medium told you brings you the peace that you so deserve and helps ease your sadness at least a little bit.

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