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seems to not get any easier


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Hi All,

I have been reading some posts stating how it seems harder after some time to lose our loved one. I do agree whole heartedly, it is very, very difficult. It has been almost two months now since Leslie passed. I find myself doing everything I can to not lose it! Seems she is ever constant on my mind. I will be functioning just fine, then suddenly, Whamo!! I am a blithering idiot for some time. It is like getting punched in the gut, with a real big stick! So how long will it take to begin functioning daily without losing it?

Just wanted to check in. I am ok, but only just ok. I miss Leslie more than I could've ever imagined. Even though she did so well for the past year, even though we knew she may pass, and talked much about it. Even though I thought about what it may be like to lose her, I now realize, there is no preparing yourself for the sense of loss. I can say this experience has to be the most difficult for any human being to endure. :(

Mark (Leslie221 Husband)

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Dear Mark,

I love your name, that was my brothers name..It does get harder every day, and some days are harder than others..My brother died 4 months ago and the pain gets worse..I pray to Our Lord to give me the strength to go on and cheerish the memories we have..

Please know you too are in my prayers for peace..


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I have no magic words to comfort, I just want you to know I'm thinking of you.

Leslie was very special, it's still hard to believe she is gone. I'm so so sorry.

Putting forth your best to carry on is all you can do. I pray that time will ease your pain.

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Mark -

I am so sorry for your pain. Leslie helped me through so much with her optimism and realism. I do believe, as everyone says, that time will make it better -- she will never go away in your mind, but the pain will lessen and become less intense over time. I think you just have to have faith in that. Remember, you miss her -- you are not crying for her -- she is in a glorious place -- you just miss her.

Prayers for strength for you,


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Read somewhere........

I believe

I have to believe that you still exist......somewhere

That you still watch me......sometimes

That you still love me......somehow

I have to believe that life has meaning.....somehow

That I am useful.....sometimes

That I make a small difference.....somewhere

I believe I have to stay here for.....sometime

That all this teaches me.....sonething

So I can meet you again.....somewhere

There will be some good days and some not as good

but all those days will add up to time and that

is what you need, time till you find the days

are getting better.

How long?

I don't know, but it will come.


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I understand Mark. I'm three months out from losing Bill and it's not really any easier...actually harder on some days. I just want you to know that you are not alone. I'll keep you in my prayers and know that Bill and Leslie are watching over us both!


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I just lost my husband, Mike, two weeks ago , but I don't forsee it getting easier any time soon. It seems that I go through everything I do aware of trying to get through it without Mike. I've barely begun to remove those things that we shared or to make name changes on things. His voice is still on my answering machine. I picked up his ashes today and the pain was intense. God will help us Mark, I believe that, but for now it seems that the pain is forever.

God Bless,


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Lost Deb7 wweeks ago. Some days are good some are Bad. You will get better eventually. I am but like I said above. Many prayers. today was bad. Wil see about tomorrow tomorrow.

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