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Good Job also Note To Rich


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You are also doing one heckuva bang up job getting info available to everyone here, I must say. We need to open our own Pub here. Listening to "I Drink Alone" on the radio while typing. Thanks for all the support from you andeveryone outthere in cyberspace.

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Randy-- Are we listening to the same station or is that song just getting a lot of air play? :lol: Rich does do a good job here, don't know what we'd do without him. On top of his work here, he is devoting time to helping Geri organize a Boston area lung cancer walk. He tries very hard to make a difference. Not sure about the two of you operating a pub though. :shock:


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"R & R PUB"................Randy and Rich?? Rowdy and Raunchy? Rest and Relaxation?

Not sure..................but I think it could be VERY scary! Geez, get Frank and DonM, and Don Wood, and CharlieD, Bruce, Mr. Ry, jimben, and ALL the guys, well, who knows what???

I think we best leave the pub to Miss Cindi......who definitely knows how to run one! Waddya think?


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Now then, a pub for the men??

Isn't that what all the bras were burned for to stop discrimination! I want to go to their pub as well as Cindi's!

Rich, you're a treasure and I'm so glad that we're working on the walk together.......by the way people, Rich has done all the work so far!


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