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long chat w/thorasic surgeon - ct was misread


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Hello Everyone,

An interesting day. I got my negative Pet results from my gp. I had asked the thorasic surgeon to call him because the waiting was driving us into the ground. Well, lesson learned about taking shortcuts.

Sat and discussed everything w/the surgeon today. The radiologist misread the films, the nodule has not changed in size, still 5-6 mm. He said the Pet picks it up at 7. So, we are going to repeat the ct (in his bldg.) in 3mos. He said that he is not about to sit back and watch it grow, but he doesn't want to subject me to the risks involved in a biopsy if there's no change. He said he wouldn't even be concerned if I didn't have such a long smoking history, but he'd be watching it anyways.

I learned a lesson....

Have a great evening!

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