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Don Wood

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Congratuations. Rochelle! You just made your 5000th post! Thanks for all the caring and support you give to all of us here, and thanks for all the work you do in the background for this site. We appreciate you!

Ry and her husband, John, have been on this site since Jan. '03. John was diagnosed with NSCLC June of '02 and is coming up on 4 years of survivorship. Thanks to both of you for hanging in there with us. Don

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WOW, 5,000 is a lot. How do we thank you? I know I can't find the words to thank you for all you do. I will only say that you are a big part of what makes this site so wonderful. Your dedication, your caring , your support and your love and all so much interwoven into the pages of this site. I want to thank you for all you do for us and have done for me personally... :wink: Thank you.



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Congratulations, Rochelle!!!!

I appreciate all your wise counsel since I have come aboard. I've learned so much from you. You are the voice of reason and calm on this sea of tumultuous waves. Thank you and know that you and John are in our thoughts..................wishing you the very best.


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THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!Where would we be without you. Congrats On 4 years of fighting. Iknow how hard that can be to achieve.

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Jeesh Ry --- 5,000 posts!!! Its' a good thing they don't add PMs to that count!! :shock::lol:

You know I am glad that you and John are here. You answered my first post AND were in my first chat. I have always so appreciated you.

That said, are you taking pay-offs from Frank to keep the Fryer Specials from showing up on his doorstep? :evil::lol: It's bad enough you've gone soft on the fines...

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As all of you can see, Rochelle always has the last word around here.

Her wonderful character traits were noted by me years ago. It is people like Rochelle that make battling this disease very much easier. I am glad she is in my corner and that she can still do so much for all of you.

My hat is off to you Rochelle, congratulations on 5000 posts.


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