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Coming In From The Cold

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My name is Kim. I am Bev from Long Island's husband.

I love this site! I've been reading daily for a year now. I've learned a lot. Not only about LC, but also about living.

To all of you on the front lines of this war, you have my utmost respect. I now know what courage really is. Bev showed me, too.

Many of your stories I've followed closely. And I've cried a lot, too, over what you/we go through. And the survivors are awesome! There is hope. That's what this site can inspire.

You are all very important to the spiritual and mental aspects of this battle. You make a difference in people's lives.

Thank you!

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Welcome Kim!!!!

It is great that you have decided to join right in :) . We love that :lol: ! Sounds like you have been sort of lurking around for a long time, so you know already what we are all about. I believe a LONG time ago Bev and I may have PM'd about hair. I love her pic, BTW. Be sure to come around often...............there's plenty of seats for everybody!


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