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I returned from a wonderful 10 day vacation to California with my husband. 1300 miles in a car together, and I didn't kill him (nor him kill me). Every moment was a treasure, and I faced my water fears and took a boat out to sea to watch the whales.

4 days later I left for a trip to Montreal with my 4 sisters. (I am not independently wealthy--the credit card took a hit :) That was a soul searching trip for all of us, each searching out our own private demons to dispose of.

Mine was found on the St Lawrence River in the form of a white water rafting trip. I do not swim, but the age limit was 6-adult. My sisters assured me I would not drown in a life jacket; there were no water falls or rocks to cause harm. I stood on the side of that river and cried. I knew that was my fears trying to take control. I survived the trip with pleasure, and would do it again. Colorado River, no. I do have limits.

I've been diagnosed with cancer three times. While the staging was always good, I know it just takes one sneaky cell to reek havoc on my life. I gain nothing from being cautious with my life anymore.

My new theme is "breaking out of my box"

Anyway, rambling is done. Here is part of my reading for today

“Beginning our days with a positive mental outlook

is a great depression-chaser. Simply lifting our

heads and looking up and out instead of down will

make us feel better. Although we can't spend all our

time staring at the sky, we can train ourselves to

look for the best in ourselves and others.

Even in the middle of difficulty or pain, we have

choices. We can choose a gloom-and-doom attitude

and endlessly replay the thoughts that accompany it.

Or we can step back and find the one good thing.

We may be blinded with pain. The situation may

appear hopeless, utterly bleak. But recovery

guarantees that we are equal to it, that in our pain

there is at least one good thing. . . “

Today help me find the one good thing. Help me let

go of fear and negativity.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Today's meditation comes from the book

Body, Mind, and Spirit by Anonymous copyright 1990

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Gail, I went white water rafting with my younger son in Sept. '96 in Colorado and thoroughly enjoyed the experience and his company. I'm glad you did that for yourself. We should not postpone our dreams and our fun to "one day" because "one day" may never come. Proud of you. Don

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