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Hi Tom,

My Dad has been taking Essiac tea faithfully three times a day since his diagnosis. We have no idea if it has helped or not, but Dad is 74 and hasn't taken a lot of treatment in the 22 months since he found out about having cancer. He had radiation two summers ago and only one cycle of navelbine over a year ago. Up until recently, he was living life pretty "normal". He brews the Essiac tea himself and he has no plans of discontinuing its use. He buys his Essiac at a natural food store, I believe. Dad figures it can't be hurting him and he's not about to stop now!! Good luck. :)


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Essiac is an herbal remedy that was prescribed and promoted for about 50 years by Rene M. Caisse, a Canadian nurse who died in 1978. Shortly before her death, she turned over the formula and manufacturing rights to the Resperin Corporation, a Canadian company that has provided it to patients under a special agreement with Canadian health officials. Several reports state that the formula contains burdock, Indian rhubarb, sorrel, and slippery elm, but there may be additional ingredients. Essiac tea claimed to be Caisse's original formulation is also marketed in the United States. Several animal tests using samples of Essiac have shown no antitumor activity. Nor did a review of data on 86 patients performed by the Canadian federal health department during the early 1980s [14].

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Thought i might way in on this. It seem's Essaic got it's reputation when JFK's doctor took it and claimed it stopped his cancer but only to die not long after from cancer.There are as to be expected many many unsubstanuated claim's about the Tea. But there is plenty of info on lab test to show it has no anti tumor activity. I might add there appears to be no danger in drinking it and there are dozen's of seller's of the Tea claiming they and they alone have the correct Formula.I would feel trying to know who does have the true formula for the layman would be all but impossible.So in my humble opinioun it would be a waste of money with out knowing exactly who is selling the true formula.....

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