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Hugs and prayers for my special friend


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I didn't ask permission before posting this, so I sure hope she won't get mad at me, but Tina (tnmynatt) could use some hugs. I think Charlie is hanging in there ok, but as Don would say, prayers, too, could make it "more better".


Love you, Tina!


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ok, ok. Here is an update.

Charlie has been very weak and tired the last few weeks. His coughing is much better. He was able to go with Rachel yesterday to pick up her "dream car" down the road about 3 hours. Hoping she puts their picture on her Avatar soon (volfan212).

I went out last Sat. and did some much needed yardwork along with the girls. I hurt my back, which has 3 degenerated discs, and had a severe allergic reaction to something. I had HUGH hives everywhere! Got a steroid shot on Tuesday and then had to go on more steroids starting Thursday. Started PT for my back yesterday. Also, have a lot of work pressure. Have to get several things done this weekend. It wasn't a good week for me.

Today I am starting a small women's group here at the house. Only 1 person is coming so far. Expecting 2 more next Sat.

Thanks for all your prayers and concern. You all are the BEST!

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Hugs and Prayers to Tina and Charlie,

Tina, I had a feeling that things weren't going so well for you right now, but it seems you have had the week from hell. I'm also so very sorry to hear that Charlie isn't feeling so on top of it. You have your hands full. Try to take care of yourself and know that prayers are coming from my way. Will be looking to read news that things are improving very soon.



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