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I Am Going To Be A Grandmother-AGAIN!!!


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Sometimes when you feel a little down or a little overwhelmed or just depressed worrying about this cancer thing God lets you know he is going to extend your life into a brand new life. My second grandchild (don't know the sex yet) is due in October. Talk about a will to live. I am so THANKFUL and so VERY, VERY GRATEFUL!!!:D:D:D

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Congratulations Carol. An October baby is GREAT! I'm one too... October 15th.

Babies are just God's greatest gift, and grandbabies are even better because you get all the love and spoiling and then get to give them back when they are naughty, cry, and poo. :lol:

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I posted on this once, or so I thought. Guess it went to that famous lah-lah land. :)

I'm jealous, Carol! The word "Grandma" is one of the best words created.

Congratulations, enjoy those sweet grandkids and spoil them rotten. My husband always said that would be pay-back time. He would tell Mike to just wait until he had kids - and then he would burst out in a great big smirky grin! Hehe!




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