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PET/CT scan results

Don M

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I had a followup PET/CT scan 3-14. I got the results today and visited with my pulmonologist. My 1 inch nodule is almost certainly malignant. There is a suv uptake of 7.2. The PET scan is not ambiguous at all.

I took the films from this year and last year to my pulmonologist. He showed me on the August 2005 film, that the nodule was starting. So it has been growing since before last August. So, I have cancer again (third time), but it is restricted to the nodule (again).

My pulmonogist says I am on the right track in pursuing cyberknife surgery. It is either that or conventional radiation and chemo. I can't have any more conventional surgery. I am going to call Seattle Cyberknife Monday and set up an appointment for consultation. I hope to get rid of this thing by the middle of next month. I suppose I will be doing chemo again. The last chemo did not work apparently.

Maybe I have a shot at a cure, but I think the more these things pop up the less your chances are for a cure. At least I know that I will have a good year coming (NED). I seem to get a new cancer once a year. And when they are done with the cyberknife procedure, I can hop off the table and go home. I wonder how many times you can do cyberknife? That is just one of the questions I will have for them.

Don M

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Oh man, Don :( . Three times, huh? Well, hopefully this third time is the charm and "POOF" .......gone it will be for GOOD.

I am learning from you, my friend. You have taken charge and full control and I am impressed! I will be wishing for only the very best news on Monday when you have your consultation. I want you 'hopping' off tht table and home to that little baby pronto.

Praying all is well this time, Don.


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Not the news we wanted to read about.

So sorry about this.

The cyberknife should be the answer

to this one, and with a chemo that

works good for you it will be the

last nodule to show up.

Will be keeping your name on the prayers




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Maybe I have a shot at a cure, but I think the more these things pop up the less your chances are for a cure.

As to the first part of that quote: YES YOU DO!

As to the second part of that quote: NOT!!!!!!


This could be the last one! Who knows? Yes, there might be another one, but that one could be the last one. I think cancer has come up against a tough nut to crack (no pun intended :) )when it thought it could invade your body and get away with it.

Zap it, Don! Erase it! Burn it! Destroy it! Send it back to hell FOREVER. You can do it!

Love you,


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Don, I'm sorry to hear that, but since bad things come in 3's, I think this is the last one. I think you are so strong, and so diligent in your research, I know you will beat this - and yes, you can be cured! Cyberknife sounds like an excellent route. You're in my prayers, and I will be anxious to hear about your success. Think positive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Don, my fellow Washingtonian!

Sad news that the nodule grew. The cyberknife thing sounds encouraging and I would be interested in more information. Where do they do this in Seattle? Hang in there and continue to be proactive. Blessings & prayers winging away.

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Sorry to hear the results

Everyone's stories are different and here is mine . . .

I had three malignant tumors, but mine were 8 years apart. After the 3rd cancer, I went on anti-depressents and found a therapist I am still seeing 5 years later. I also spent a lot of time with massage therapy. I had decided that my body reacted to stress by growing tumors, and my immune system needed recharging. Next month will be 5 years, the longest I have gone without a tumor since 1993.

good luck


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Hi Don,

Bummer to have to got through this again, but they seem to have a plan and I just know it will work for you.

Keep that positive attitude you always show towards others and know that we are all pulling for you. I am glad you are doing the cyberknife, that seems to work for others.

Good luck, keep us posted on when....


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Hi Don:

I am very sorry to hear this results. Hopefully the Cyber knife will be the answer to the cureland. You can do this. Thomas and you had the same cocktail and his only worked on the first 6 rounds, the other 6 round was useless. It did nothing and pogression of disease continued. After reading so many stories about CARBO/GEMZAR, I am convinced that this chemo is only a short term fix to those that respond to it. None the less, I will be praying for your cure.

God Bless you my friend. I do thank you for your PM when I was so scared on the first day of Chemo for Thomas. You have helped eased my fears. Please keep us posted on the CK procedure. I am learning everyday.


Thomas & Malou

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Don, I am so sorry to hear this news. You have been so kind to me and my mom and even offered to visit her in St. Pete's recently (I wasn't online at the time of your PM and I just totally botched how to answer your PM to me...still learning what to do here) -- please, please let me know if there is anything I can do in support and I hope we do meet at Western WA Cancer Center sometime, if it has to come to that ...... I have followed your responses to others in here since I joined and I just know you must be really strong-spirited and will come through this one just tops.....nonetheless, I am serious....we are in the same general neck of the woods and apparently visiting the same center at times....keep in touch and I'll try to do my darnest!



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Thanks for your support everyone.

Peggy, I especially appreciated your pep talk and I will assume that I will be cured after the cyberknife until I hear otherwise.

I am just guessing, but I think I maybe headed for carboplatin/taxol this time. I am going to see what my local oncologist says and then get a second opinion from an onc in Seattle. I wonder if high dose celebrex would keep the cancer away and some other questions I have about chemo strategy.

Linda, we did not meet up this time, but you never know, it might happen some time under more favorable circumstances.

I am at peace with this thing now that I know what it is and what to do. I am just glad that it is still local.

For Tiny and others who may have an interest in cyberknife, here are some links:



Seattle CyberKnife at Swedish Medical Center

550 17th Avenue, Suite A10

James Tower Life Sciences Building

Seattle, WA, USA, 98122

Tel: (206) 320-7130

Apparently Seattle Cyberknife does not have a web page.

You know, this support site really works. I keep reading everybody's reponses over again and I feel...supported.

Don M

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Ever since I met you I knew you were a go-getter. You research, advocate for yourself and you know how to make a plan. It sucks that this stuff won't leave you alone but maybe this time you can blow it off the map (PET map that is). Keeping you in my prayers.


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well I hate that the beast is back. it's just such a disappointment. but you're so level headed and optimistic, I know you're on the right track. we're here, no matter what. I know you know that. keep us posted re: the cyberknife.



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