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PET/CT scan results

Don M

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Hey Don,

Just saw your post. We kind of knew this was coming, huh?

The cyberknife plan sounds really hopeful to me, Don. It sounds the least invasive and the most direct hit to the tumor.

My old onc. liked Celebrex. Be wary of the cardiac risks involved. If you have any risks of heart/arterial disease, this drug can increase the chances of CV events.

Also, he liked the vegetables in the broccoli family. He said there have been studies that show that they are somewhat effective in reducing new lung cancers.

I will continue to look for updates from you, Don.

I may be right behind you in ck or something else...(soon as I get these ambiguos tests straightened out)

Cindi o'h

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Thanks Kasey:

I have a consultation with Seattle Cyberknife this Monday and a consulation with a medical oncologist at Swedish Cancer Institute this Tuesday. Seattle Cyberknife is part of Swedish Cancer Institute. It is a 3 hour drive to the facility, so I am going to spend Monday night with my oldest son and his family who live in the area. My mom lives just down the road from my son's house, and I will see her too.

My local oncologist thinks I should do chemo concurrently with cyberknife treatment. I want to run this by the Seattle medical oncologist and just generally see if I am on the right track for chemo strategy. There is some question as to whether or not I have a metastatic cancer or a new primary. If it is metastatic, my local onc says I should be taking second line therapy such as alimta or taxotere along with the cyberknife treatment. I want to talk to the Swedish medical onc about these and other issues.

Don M

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