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Looking for experiences with Gamma Knife or Temodar


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From what i understand Gamma Knife is a form (Brand?) of stereotactic radiosurgery.

Mom had SRS on two lesions in the brain, one 1 inch, one 1 mm...both were taken care of with no side effects. We thought it was pretty cool, actually, the whole process and the technology!

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I would first find out if she ill have a frame "attached to her head". Mom's first go around with SRS she had the frame. We went in at 6am and she had to sit with the frame until 4pm when they staretd the radiation. The frame was attached with screws and it was pretty uncomfortable for mom. The second time, she did not have the frame and so it was much better. Her neurosurgeon said it was the exact same treatment, they had just improved the procedure in the 3 month interim. I can't really say there were any side effects from the procedure, other than sensitivity around the sites where the screws were. That went on for a few weeks. Those are the highlights..If you have other questions, please ask. XOXOXOX me

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Here is a link that gives an overview of stereotactic radiosurgery:


I think Lori's mom must have had cyberknife surgery the second time because as far as I know it is the only form of sterotactic radiosurgery that does not require a head mask or frame.

Gamma knife requires a frame.

I am going to pursue having cyberknife surgery for a lung tumor.



Don M

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Oh, i forgot about that part, Lori! Thanks for reminding me. Mom DIDN'T have a frame, she had this cool mesh stuff that conformed to the shape of her face...she even got to bring it home to show the grandkids who thought it was really neat to see. So, again, maybe it was cyberknife. They just called it stereotactic radiosurgery. Hope all goes well!

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