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Warren is gone


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I really don't want to be writing this, but Warren died yesterday. I was at his side holding his hand, and he was fighting so hard--had been all day. I talked to him for about 15 minutes, I told him I would be OK...to not worry about me, and that I promised we WILL meet again, that he had to let go. I told him that where he was going there would be no more pain, and it would be nice. That the grass would be so green it hurt your eyes.

Warren opened his eyes and looked at me...Not saying anything...then he closed them and stopped breathing.

I am gonna miss him so much..I already do....but...I know he is at peace now.

Again, Thank you so much for standing by him. I know it meant alot to him.

Warren's wife


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I am so sorry to hear this news tonight. Warren sounded like such a great guy in his posts. I am glad that you were with him and that he went in peace. May the many happy moments you spent together be of some comfort to you at this time. Please accept my sincere condolences, Donna. This disease is just a nasty one that, hopefully, will one day get put in its place.


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Donna, If there is anything I can do I am in Greensboro. I left email and was looking forward to getting to know Warren and help in his fight. I am so terribly sorry for your loss. I know this will be tough. Let the tears flow, Write things down, Remember the good times and go easy on the country music. That was from my experience of losing my wife. It might help you some, hopefully. I am saying prayers for you guys today after reading this and am so sorry. I am a little relieved that it was a peaceful passing filled with love and compassion. Many extra prayers.

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